Monday, December 25, 2006


Christmas this year was a little more interesting to Josiah, but he still doesn't quite get the whole unwrapping presents deal. I unwrapped most of his presents and it was his job to attempt to play with all the toys at once!

I had found this little Fischer Price train set at a garage sale (which until now thought was Thomas the train, but wasn't) back when I was pregnant and decided we would give it to him this year. It is a little bit above his level as he would have preferred to push the train along himself then to see it chug, chug along by itself. Still though, he enjoyed it I think and will appreciate it more in the future as well I am sure. We also got him these little playground-type balls (that are his size) and when he saw them he had to say, "Ball" and throw every single one (he got 4). We also got him some new bath toys as well since he was getting tired of his bath letters and Sesame Street characters. He now has a boat with fish and a fishing pole to play with.

On the eve of Christmas Eve, we spent the day with my parents and my brother and his wife. We all exchanged gifts at that time too, which was fun. Katie & Brent got Josiah some musical instruments (a drum & maracas) and a Thomas the train engine that makes sounds when you scoot it on the ground. This toy won the award for the most played with that day followed closely by the sorting book that my parent's gave him. Grandma and Grandpa got Josiah the neat school bus toy as his main gift (see previous post).

Most of all though, it was a joy to be together with family to celebrate the birth of Christ. Though it is pretty clear Jesus wasn't really born December 25th, we are glad there is a designated time to remember the most wonderful gift to us ALL in that tiny babe in the manger.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Hair Cut

Today, we took Josiah to get his first hair cut. We had waited a while because we so loved his cute little curly locks in back, but since he has been mistaken for a girl twice now in the last week (though he was wearing boy clothes) we decided it was time!

We took him to this neat hair cutting place for kids where they can ride in these little cars and airplanes while they get their hair cut. Josiah of course loved playing with the steering wheels and so that was very distracting for him at first. He was very interested in the machines she was using to cut his hair and kept trying to turn around to look at them.

This picture was taken as he was getting his hair wetted down so she could cut the top easier. He flinched as she was spraying the water and I got the shot! At one point, he tried to brush her hands away with his arm and so we had to hold his arms down so she could finish the edging.

The finished product had him looking like a miniature little David; just as handsome as his Papa! We took him to the play area in the mall again and he enjoyed running around with all the other little kids. He was most definitely the cutest little boy there though of course!

Grandma and Grandpa came with us and had a fun time seeing this milestone event for Josiah.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Conked out Baby

So today or shall I say early, early this morning (around 3:40am), Josiah woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. Sometimes I sleep through his wakings at night, but this time he seemed genuinely irritated at something, so I went in to comfort him. At first, he sat with me in the chair very still and it seemed he would go back to sleep. However, soon he started talking and that was the indication that he was too awake to sleep. So I tried putting him back in the crib (like 4am now) and that wasn't popular at all. So then I brought him in with me to the guest room to sleep, which equates to him swimming around on the bed, and landing on my head from time to time as he flails around. Not exactly conducive to me falling to sleep again. So, I resigned to let him play while I laid down on the couch in the living room. This didn't last however, because he was hungry. So I gave him some grapes and some yogurt to eat. He is really getting masterful at this spoon thing, but he cheats at the end by grabbing the yogurt left in the bowl with his hand. He is learning though and getting better each time we try it. After he ate, then he played while I took a cat nap. Around 9am or so he seemed hungry again and rightfully so since he ate at 5am, and so I gave him some toast and half a banana. I went back to the couch to work on some things for my group lesson I am giving on Saturday and I noticed it was awfully quiet over there, so I went back and found that he had finished his toast, but had fallen asleep in the high chair. Too funny! Even after I took the picture, and cleaned him up he still didn't wake until I removed the tray. Then he wanted a swig of his milk and afterward I brought him to his crib to which he gladly welcomed this time.