Monday, July 26, 2010

Naomi's Dedication & Park Fun

This last Sunday, on Naomi's 5-month birthday, we had Naomi dedicated at our church. I dressed her up in this pretty dress, which she promptly spit up on. I had a bib on her, but she has this way of spitting up OVER or UNDER things, which is baffling to me! Pastor George was gone this week due to his wife recovering from some major emergency surgeries (please pray for her--Elaine), so Pastor Dave was the one who prayed over her. My parents were able to come too as my Dad didn't have to preach this Sunday, so that was nice. Afterwards, we all went out to Denny's as a family.

I was trying to get a picture with the brothers AND Naomi, but they were too wiggly (go figure) and she was falling over, so I just tried to get one of the brothers. I have many "attempts," but this is the best of the bunch! They are all wearing their new Toy Story 3 gear that Grandma bought them.

Later the same day, we went to a new park in Puyallup. It was a really nice, shady play area with some trails to walk on as well. Upon arriving, Josiah kept climbing around saying, "This is awesome," over and over. Another boy about his age came to play also and Josiah introduced himself and also his brothers and told him, "They're twins...they don't look alike, but they're still twins." I guess that is his way of describing the word "fraternal" and hey, it works!

As always, our Caleb is doing the risky types of moves on the play area. Mommy's heart beats a little faster when he is climbing on things for sure. Caleb was having great fun mimicking everyone around him. Josiah heard a helicopter and both Caleb and Daniel were running around yelling at the top of their lungs, "Hel-cop-er," and were wildly flailing there arms as if it would land on them any second. A GREAT place to wear out those outside voices, I say!

Daniel was attempting to climb the rock wall here and was telling me about it. When we were on the walk, Daniel wanted to push Naomi's stroller and he and Caleb had a little tussle about who was to be the stroller driver at one point as well. Daniel definitely isn't quite as adventuresome as his brothers, but he also doesn't like to be left behind either! On one part of the trail, there was a steep incline to climb with lots of dirt and rocks and Josiah started up to see how far he could go. Caleb jumped right in and tried too and Daddy had to rescue Caleb at one point and then he taught Josiah how to slide down the hill to get down. Daniel took two steps towards the hill and said, "I did it!" Ummm, not really sweet Daniel, but you were sure cute!

Naomi was kicking her feet on the bumpy trail and seemed to enjoy our little walk! It was a really nice, relaxing family getaway and as a major BONUS, all the boys were tuckered out and went right down without any fuss when we got home!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun New Pictures

My friend Jasmine and her kiddos came over the other day to visit. It is kinda funny how we met, or rather didn't "officially" meet the day our baby girl's were born. In the hospital, I was talking with the nurses and they always ask how many kids you have and their ages, etc. and one nurse said, "You know, I really think there is another gal here who has the exact same ages of children and even the same gender!" I was thinking, "Yeah right, there is no way that could be the case!!" Yet miracle of miracles, indeed this was accurate information! Jasmine has a 4-year old boy (he is only 6 months younger than Josiah), 2-year old boy twins (only 1 month older than mine) and a little girl born on the exact same day, at the same hospital and by the SAME doctor! Coincidence? I think not! As David always quotes, "As the Jews would say, coincidence is NOT a kosher word." It has been fun getting to know her and her family and it was wonderful to have her visit our home. Ellie was trying to hold Naomi's hand here. They looked over at each other a little bit, but weren't too interested in interacting just yet!

Miss Naomi is loving this rolling over business and many times she will roll to her side and fall asleep. She is taking after Mommy's style of sleeping. All she needs now is a pillow between her legs and some loud snoring action and she will be a mini-me for sleep!

Grandpa loves to have the babies try on his hat. She looks so, so cute in it too!

Recently, Daniel has taken to wanting (desparately I might add) to play Josiah's Leapster 2. He runs around saying or rather whining, "I wanna pway Weapster, Momma!!" This became such a real problem for him AND for us, that Daddy decided it was time to have two "Weapsters" in the house! Here they are playing them together today!
We are going to Vacation Bible School this week and I will post pictures and more about that, but wanted to document here a funny thing Josiah said prior to starting the week. We told him about going to VBS on Sunday and later that evening he said, "Tomorrow's my lucky day, Momma!" I asked him why that was and he said, "Because I get to go to church EVERY DAY!!" This was such a popular saying that when I shared it with some of the leaders this morning on my way in to VBS, they passed it along to the lady who was writing the daily update for the parents and his quote made the cut! I would like to add that his VBS teachers are THRILLED with his behavior thus far and we have had no problems with him this week! Maybe I shouldn't speak too soon? But I am proud of his progress! Last year, he had to have his own personal adult to watch his every move and this year according to his teacher he is a model student! I am so glad! Caleb & Daniel are in a little mini-VBS group for the worker's children and I am working in the nursery this year with the kids under two years old. It works perfectly since I am nursing Naomi that I can help out in this way.

Goodbye Grandpa Walker

On July 6th, 2010 my Grandpa Walker passed away. He had been ill for a very long time and after many falls and other problems, he was in a lot of pain. Thankfully, he passed away peacefully in his sleep and is now free from pain and is looking down on us from heaven.

Grandpa was a Navy Veteran, Methodist Minister, and he even worked for the F.B.I. for a time as well, but I will remember him as a fun-loving Grandpa who loved his grandchildren. He loved to tell corny jokes that he lovingly passed down to my Dad, who also tells them to this day!

Here is a picture of Grandpa reading me a story when I was 9 months old.

My recent memories of Grandpa were when he came to visit us to see his great grandchildren. When Josiah was almost 5 months old, he and Grandma came to visit us in our apartment in Liberty Lake (Spokane area) and they both had to climb a steep flight of stairs to get to our place. It was hard for him to get up the stairs, but slowly and surely he made it up there. The minute he got inside, he sat on the sofa and stretched his arms out as far as they could go and said with a wide grin, "Let me hold my great grandson!" Due to some of his ailments, it was hard to tell at times what Grandpa was feeling or thinking, but it was quite clear this day that he was very, very thrilled!!
He is holding Caleb here back in 2008 when he and Grandma came to visit over the Fourth of July.

And he also got to hold Daniel as well! I am very glad he got to see the twins as this was the first and last time he was able to meet them.

Josiah and Grandpa were playing with the cars here and likely Grandpa was telling one of his many jokes or words of wisdom to Josiah as well.

Though it was very sad that Grandpa wasn't with us anymore, it was really wonderful to reunite the Walker clan again. It had been many, many years since most all the family had gathered in one place. After the memorial service, we all ate lunch together at a local restaurant in the Tri-Cities. My mom also brought many pictures to share and I was able later on to scan them in and share them with the family on Facebook.

Grandma brought a collage of many pictures of Grandpa and the family to the service and here she is taking them off her board and returning them to her albums while she chats with my Aunt Diane. My cousin Sarah also had her son Michael with her and he and Naomi were having fun getting acquainted on the blanket we had on the floor of Grandma's apartment as we all visited.

My Uncle Jim and everyone else enjoyed seeing Naomi and Josiah who were able to come with me to the service. David stayed home with the twins as it would have been hard for us all to come at this time.
I was thankful to be able to come and celebrate Grandpa's life and to see everyone as well! Goodbye Grandpa Walker, you are missed and we look forward to you greeting us when we meet someday again in heaven!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Great Grandma Visits & Birthday Fun!

My Grandma Walker (my Dad's mom) came to visit us over the 4th of July weekend like she has been doing now for the last 3 years. It is always fun to see her and she is always surprised to see how much the kids have grown in one year. This was her first opportunity to see Miss Naomi as well and she was very pleased to hold her and see her smile and laugh.
Great Grandma and my parents accompanied me to Bill's Fishing Hole in Orting, WA for Josiah's friend Asher's birthday party today. They stock the pond with lots of rainbow trout, and you can pay a general fee for parties and the kids can catch fish and then take them home to fry up for dinner. I passed on our "catches of the day" to my parents as I am not the most experienced in cooking fish! The nice part is that the people there clean up and package the fish for you at least, so you can take it home. This picture is of the boys (including the b-day boy) running after "Bill's" cat. The cat was none too pleased to being chased, and scurried off quickly at the sight of four boys running after him/her. The owners of the fishing place got a big kick out of the cat being chased as well.

Grandpa is helping the twins here get the hang of using the fishing pole. Daniel could reel them in, but wasn't strong enough to hold the pole AND reel it in. Caleb just liked holding the pole. I was watching very carefully that the hook didn't end up hooking a twin or some other person standing around nearby! Oh and for our first catch of the day, Dad was trying to get the hook out with this tool they gave us and it wouldn't come out very easily. The bloody fish was flopping around everywhere (ick) and later I discovered Caleb had blood all over his face. Yeah....boy stuff....guess I am going to have to get used to this! I DID NOT want to deal with taking out the hooks though and thankfully a young man who worked there came and helped us out a bit.

Daniel was excited to work with the pole reeling the fish in, but didn't want to have anything to do with the flopping fish when it came out onto land. He stood this far away observing said fishie. His first response was to run away and jump excitedly and holler at the fish. Too funny!

Caleb on the other hand wanted to be right up near the fish and when the young man asked if he wanted to touch it, he gleefully touched it quickly and then assumed this cute little pose afterward. Josiah also had no problems touching the fish and was very interested in it.

They had a little boat there on the land, and the twins enjoyed sitting in it. Here is a neat shot of Daniel, but you can see my Dad and Josiah fishing in the background as well.

We had talked about catching fish on the way to the fishing hole and Caleb & Daniel both leaned down near the pond first thing and put their hands out like this. You know....trying to "catch" a fish! So precious!

Here are the birthday boys, Asher & Judah. Asher was turning four and his brother Judah was turning two. His mom combined the parties to make it easier for their family. It was fun to celebrate with them and it was a neat idea to have it at Bill's Fishing Hole! Thanks Leiloni for this fun first experience for our boys!

Josiah was informing Asher here was getting Legos before he opened his gift. He also gave him these gummy soldiers from Toy Story 3, which was a bit hit as well. A funny side note too about Josiah. On the way home he randomly told me, "I'm going to be a garbage collector when I grow up...'cause it's good to keep the eart (earth) clean & healthy." I said, "OH" with great interest and then he added, "And also the garbage will be HAPPY because they have a new collector!"