Saturday, July 03, 2010

Great Grandma Visits & Birthday Fun!

My Grandma Walker (my Dad's mom) came to visit us over the 4th of July weekend like she has been doing now for the last 3 years. It is always fun to see her and she is always surprised to see how much the kids have grown in one year. This was her first opportunity to see Miss Naomi as well and she was very pleased to hold her and see her smile and laugh.
Great Grandma and my parents accompanied me to Bill's Fishing Hole in Orting, WA for Josiah's friend Asher's birthday party today. They stock the pond with lots of rainbow trout, and you can pay a general fee for parties and the kids can catch fish and then take them home to fry up for dinner. I passed on our "catches of the day" to my parents as I am not the most experienced in cooking fish! The nice part is that the people there clean up and package the fish for you at least, so you can take it home. This picture is of the boys (including the b-day boy) running after "Bill's" cat. The cat was none too pleased to being chased, and scurried off quickly at the sight of four boys running after him/her. The owners of the fishing place got a big kick out of the cat being chased as well.

Grandpa is helping the twins here get the hang of using the fishing pole. Daniel could reel them in, but wasn't strong enough to hold the pole AND reel it in. Caleb just liked holding the pole. I was watching very carefully that the hook didn't end up hooking a twin or some other person standing around nearby! Oh and for our first catch of the day, Dad was trying to get the hook out with this tool they gave us and it wouldn't come out very easily. The bloody fish was flopping around everywhere (ick) and later I discovered Caleb had blood all over his face. Yeah....boy stuff....guess I am going to have to get used to this! I DID NOT want to deal with taking out the hooks though and thankfully a young man who worked there came and helped us out a bit.

Daniel was excited to work with the pole reeling the fish in, but didn't want to have anything to do with the flopping fish when it came out onto land. He stood this far away observing said fishie. His first response was to run away and jump excitedly and holler at the fish. Too funny!

Caleb on the other hand wanted to be right up near the fish and when the young man asked if he wanted to touch it, he gleefully touched it quickly and then assumed this cute little pose afterward. Josiah also had no problems touching the fish and was very interested in it.

They had a little boat there on the land, and the twins enjoyed sitting in it. Here is a neat shot of Daniel, but you can see my Dad and Josiah fishing in the background as well.

We had talked about catching fish on the way to the fishing hole and Caleb & Daniel both leaned down near the pond first thing and put their hands out like this. You know....trying to "catch" a fish! So precious!

Here are the birthday boys, Asher & Judah. Asher was turning four and his brother Judah was turning two. His mom combined the parties to make it easier for their family. It was fun to celebrate with them and it was a neat idea to have it at Bill's Fishing Hole! Thanks Leiloni for this fun first experience for our boys!

Josiah was informing Asher here was getting Legos before he opened his gift. He also gave him these gummy soldiers from Toy Story 3, which was a bit hit as well. A funny side note too about Josiah. On the way home he randomly told me, "I'm going to be a garbage collector when I grow up...'cause it's good to keep the eart (earth) clean & healthy." I said, "OH" with great interest and then he added, "And also the garbage will be HAPPY because they have a new collector!"

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Looks like LOTS of FUN!!! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!!! We are!!! Blessings, EMichelle