Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Longsuffering Doggie

Josiah decided to pile things on top of Echo last night and our sweet, mellow doggie just sat there and took it! Maybe you can't see the camoflauged dog amidst the black and white objects, but look carefully, her sad face which seems to say, "HELP!" is there! Josiah piled on top a pillow, blanket, and a stool and even left out his Thomas the Train book for her to peruse in her covered up state (how nice, right?). Echo only left this place when either David or I called her and then she gleefully got up and came over with the blanket in tow though! Josiah thought it was really fun to dress up the doggie and did this more than once! Then he proceeded to throw the blankie over Mommy's face, who was resting on the couch and this prompted lots of Josiah laughter for quite a while after seeing Mommy with the blankie on her head.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Josiah Post!!!

We went on a family outing along with Grandma and Grandpa to the pumpkin patch this year since we didn't go to the fair. And of course, I got a few photos taken and then my camera died, so I was glad at least to get a picture of my little Pumpkin with a pumpkin anyway! In previous years, we have posed him near pumpkins (check back in the fall month archives) but this year he decided to show his strength and pick one up for all to see!

We went to this pumpkin patch and met with a bunch of other people from the Tacoma Parents of Multiples group that I am now a part of. It was fun to see all the twins there!

Josiah has been a real trouper this past month or so and we have a month or so more to go before the twins are born. I have been stuck at home a lot due to limiting the time on my feet and so we have had the TV on as entertainment an awful lot. Oh well....I am hoping we can break him of the habit a little later on when I am able to do more!

Josiah has found a new "fun" way to wake me up in the morning. Instead of gradually waking up and crying for me to come get him, he now seems to wake up quickly (not to mention EARLY) and says "Mommy, Daddy, QUICK" over and over again or just "Mommy, HELP," or sometimes the nice variety of "Mommy, OPEN DOOR!" Poor pregnant Mommy hears this and is in a near dead state of sleep and tries desparately to wake up quickly and can't seem to move quick enough for Josiah. So I get a long chorus of the above statements until I open his door. Then I say "Good morning" and he says "Good morning" and sometimes also "Good nap!" He calls any kind of sleep a "nap."

He still loves to line his cars up in rows like this and when I took a picture of him with them he gave me the "Mom, please, I am working here!" face! Daddy taught him to take the monster trucks and drive over his line of cars, which has been a very popular pastime!

His new fun thing to do is to create a "playground" in the living room, which consists of him pulling all the cushions and any pillows he can find down onto the floor and jumping on them from the couch. When we try to put the couch cushions back in their places, we get Josiah's laments of "MY playground, MY playground."

When we pray at nighttime, he has been adding his "prayer requests" as I pray. He likes to thank Jesus for these specific things: Car Movie (the Disney movie called Cars), Mater and the Ghostlight (a little cartoon on the Cars DVD), Animal Movie (Baby Einstein show), and sometimes we get a thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Grandpa's house and we can't forget "Walmart cars" (Daddy bought him some cars from Walmart) and Lightning McQueen (the main race car from the movie). It is very sweet that he adds to his prayers now I think!