Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Surprise Baby Shower

Today the women's group that I belong to at church threw a baby shower for me and the leader of the group who was also pregnant. One of the gals called me over the weekend and said that we were having a baby shower for Elizabeth and they called her and told her they were having a shower for me. We were both surprised! I still didn't get it when I saw all the presents on the table. I thought that I should have purchased 2 gifts for her instead of one! Elizabeth said she thought that people didn't throw showers for you when you have your 2nd child. It was definitely unexpected and a nice surprise!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Grahams Come Over for Lunch

Our friends, Janeen & Ben Graham along with their children, Shere, Brolin, Joren, & Neriah came to have lunch with us after church. Mara was still visiting as well and so she came to lunch also. The Grahams used to go to our old church in Bothell, WA and so it has been nice to have them here in Spokane. Janeen and Heather share the common interest of music and so they often have conversations of the musical nature. We rented out the common area for our apartment complex so that we would have a bigger space to host our lunch. The DVD/TV wasn't working in this room, so David brought his laptop over so that the kids could watch a DVD while the adults chatted.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Mara comes to make diaper covers

My good friend Mara came today to help me make diaper covers for little Josiah. I had decided to do cloth diapers and Mara found all the materials to make the covers. I had some other covers that were given to me and so we tried to make a cover that combined the best features of all the diaper covers into one design. We then made two different sizes (newborn and medium) as those were the sizes I had the least of at the time. The covers have 3 layers (outer cotton print, inner waterproof, and fleece against babies skin) and between the fleece and waterproof layer there is a pocket to insert a diaper. This way you can either have the fleece against babies skin or you can put the cloth diaper on top of the fleece to minimize the wetness to the cover.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Walker Grandparents Help with Nursery

Future Granparents Marti & Paul Walker came to deck out the nursery for little Josiah. Grandpa Paul put the crib and changing table together and Marti & Heather decorated the room. Josiah inherited his Beatrix Potter themed items from second cousins Luke and Abby Flory. Grandpa Paul won the shelf in the room when he was in a play up in Colville from a guy who made them and Marti and Heather painted it blue to match Josiah's room.