Saturday, February 25, 2006

My New Bathtub

For Valentine's Day, Grandma Walker gave baby Josiah some "nice money" and so I got him among other things this bathtub. At first he sat in it and wasn't quite sure what to do. Up until that point I had always gotten in the bath with him to support him and such. Now that he can sit up, this bathtub works and if he slips a little it won't hurt. Of course I am always within arms reach in case of a head plant in the water though!

After he got used to his surroundings, he started to splash....ALOT....and then he splashed some more and then more splashing. I had to shield myself and the floor with the shower curtain so he wouldn't splash all the water out of the bathtub. He thought it was really fun to do this of course...because it makes lots of noise and splashing is what boys do in the water don't you know!

Thank you for the bathtub Grandma!! This is a very popular new thing to explore. Oh and by the way...after the bath he took his official first 4 or more crawling steps forward. Previous to this he has been sort of flinging himself forward and reaching, but David saw him really officially crawl. Mommy missed it (of course) because she was fixing the crib (putting the mattress down) so that baby won't be able to dive off the side of the crib now that he is sitting up and is starting to pull himself up.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Speak Into the Microphone

So it seems (maybe, I hope) that little Josiah may be trying to alter his sleep schedule a bit. I tried to put him down at the usual time last night (6:00pm) and he didn't want to sleep, so I brought him into our room to play with the toys on the floor. It was clear after about 30 minutes that he was tired, so David put him in his crib. He did fall asleep and then so did we around 9:30pm or so.

Then around 12:30am he was making all sorts of noise and David and I woke up. David went in to check on him and he had kicked the baby monitor off the crib rail and it fell behind the bumper, so he put it back on the crib rail. No sooner did he do that did we hear even louder Josiah noises coming from the crib. I went in there to find him sitting up holding the baby monitor in his hands. He seems to have figured out that this thing with the little green light is the key to getting Mommy and Daddy to come in and rescue him.

So after all this, he wanted to stay up for a while...and finally got sleepy again around 1:30am or so. I put him down that time and then I was able to sleep until 7:30am!! When I got up he was actually still snoring away in his crib...I was amazed! I am hoping this becomes a pattern...but instead of the 12:30am awakening that he might go to sleep later than 6pm!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Farewell to the Girl Next Door

Well, today Josiah and I took our neighbor Heather and her daughter Brooklynn out to eat to say goodbye. They are moving this Saturday after only being here since September! Heather's husband got a promotion in his job and so they are moving away to be closer to where he will be working. Unfortunately, they will be 5 hours away, so no more quick visits or hanging out on a whim anymore!

It has been so nice to have a friend close by and not only that, but a Christian friend who has a kid around Josiah's age. We have a lot in common (including we both have 1987 Camry's with broken seatbelts) and there will be a big void
when they are gone. However, the good news is that the Lord always provides new friends for wherever we are, so I know that He will provide new friends for both of us!

Thank you Heather & Brooklynn for all the fun times! We will continue to pray for your family that God will guide and direct you where you are going. And please keep in touch!!! And to Brooklynn I say, "AHHHHrrAHHrrrAHHH." (She knows what that means!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Biter Biscuit Business

Today I let Josiah try one of those baby biter biscuits. I was told they are "really messy" and so to feed one to him when I didn't plan to go anywhere soon afterward so that I could clean up the gigantic mess. And yes, it was messier than usual food, but he didn't get too messy. He had fun chomping away at this though. At one point, he had worn down one side enough that when he got that side back in his mouth he chomped off a big portion of the biscuit and so I quickly swiped the big piece out of his mouth before he tried to swallow it.

The other day my mom was here and babysat Josiah while I taught lessons.
She said, "I fed him the rest of the peaches and some rice cereal with mixed fruit." I got to thinking about that and I said, "Mom...were the 'peaches' a bright orange color?" (to which she said yes) I then informed her that she fed Josiah the rest of his squash mixed in with his rice cereal and mixed fruit. Good thing babies taste buds aren't fully developed yet! Ha ha ha!

Also, another fun thing is we feed him these easily dissolvable baby crackers. He can't feed himself yet, but rather "moves" the crackers around on the high chair surface and nearly always knocks them off onto the floor. When we feed him the cherry flavor crackers he likes to "talk" following each little bite, so we call those his "talking pills." Of course, when you try to get him to talk for other people they don't work, but he nearly always gives us a little sermon between each talking pill at home.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Baseball Practice

So little Josiah is slowly but surely recovering from his cold. I am still giving him the breathing treatments for 2 weeks though and will take him back to the doctor on the 27th...his 8 month birthday to check his breathing again. We measured him last night and it looks like he gained an inch to be 30 inches long. At the doctor's last Monday he weighed in at 20 pounds 5 ounces.

As you can see in this photo if you enlarge it, he has his left upper tooth in and I think the right one is on its way soon!

Aunt Genny and Uncle Mike and family gave Baby J this ball and mitt as well as a Mariner's warmup suit (for when he is a little older) but I thought I would get him started playing with the stuff early on...a little early for spring training, but if he is to make the Major Leagues we have to start early right? :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Sick Little Pumpkin

Little Josiah came down with a cold on Friday night and this morning I could hear him wheezing even when standing away from him, so I decided to call the nurse and see if we should go in or not. She said to come and and sure enough the doctor said he could hear some wheezing in his chest. He has put him on a breathing treatment regimen to help him breathe easier. I have to treat him every 4 hours when he is awake. Each treatment is 8-10 minutes long and he has to sit still and breathe in the medicine through this mouthpiece (kind of like humidifier consistency). Apparently, some children with this condition eventually develop asthma, but the doctor said that doing this could help, so that he may not develop it. By the way..this picture to the right is a great shot of his 2 lower teeth, you can click on it to enlarge. :)

A high point of the day was when we got the Valentine's Day cards from Grandma and Grandpa Walker. Josiah did his usual tests with the card: the wrist test (to see if it has a nice shake to it), the taste test (as demonstrated in the picture) and the banging test (to see if hitting it against something else makes a nice sound). He truly does those three things with every new object we give him. It is pretty funny.

Friday, February 10, 2006

My New Friend Keira

Today Josiah and I went to lunch with my friend Cathy, her daughter Lynne and Lynne's daughter Keira. Keira is 14 months and since her mom babysits a boy about Josiah's age she was pretty good with him. As you can see here she is checking out Josiah's head! Anyway, they had fun "sharing" toys and checking each other out. Keira found his belly button at one point and poked at it which was pretty cute.

At lunch, Josiah liked Keira's bib and tore it off of her (it had animals on it with bright colors). Josiah is really starting to notice the little people around him more and was reaching out to touch Keira at times.

It was fun to get out and meet another young mom and to chat with Lynne and Cathy about "baby stuff." We went to this yummy Italian place called Ferrante's on the South Hill. They have this fun little side room for families with kids and we had a nice time eating and visiting there, while the little ones played with menus, little toys we had there and such.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bottoms Up!

Our little Josiah has taken to sleeping on his belly almost all the time now, though we do lay him on his back when we put him down. And not only does he sleep on his belly and his side, he will also get his feet underneath him (as shown in the photo) so that his bottom will be sticking up in the air. This is a perfectly comfortable position for him.

His pattern for sleeping is currently this one. He will go down at around 6pm o
r so (depending on when he had his nap) and then he will wake up somewhere
around 4:30am (real fun for Mommy the night person). I used to try and sleep on the futon while he watched an Einstein video, but since that doesn't seem to give me very productive sleep, I have just taken to staying up after feeding him in the morning and get things done around the house. This means the house is usually all clean, laundry done, etc. all before 7am. Yikes!!! But then the baby gets a little sleepy, and so either I will feed him on the futon and we both fall asleep, or if Daddy is awake (around 7amish) then we will go and sleep in my bedroom for a little nap in the morning for about an hour or so.

Then somewhere around 11ish he will want to go down again (usually for about 2 hours) and that is it for naps! Oh and something funny he does that is unrelated to this is that every time he has something new in his hands he moves his wrist back and forth to test the object to see if it makes a nice shaky sound or something fun like that!