Saturday, February 25, 2006

My New Bathtub

For Valentine's Day, Grandma Walker gave baby Josiah some "nice money" and so I got him among other things this bathtub. At first he sat in it and wasn't quite sure what to do. Up until that point I had always gotten in the bath with him to support him and such. Now that he can sit up, this bathtub works and if he slips a little it won't hurt. Of course I am always within arms reach in case of a head plant in the water though!

After he got used to his surroundings, he started to splash....ALOT....and then he splashed some more and then more splashing. I had to shield myself and the floor with the shower curtain so he wouldn't splash all the water out of the bathtub. He thought it was really fun to do this of course...because it makes lots of noise and splashing is what boys do in the water don't you know!

Thank you for the bathtub Grandma!! This is a very popular new thing to explore. Oh and by the way...after the bath he took his official first 4 or more crawling steps forward. Previous to this he has been sort of flinging himself forward and reaching, but David saw him really officially crawl. Mommy missed it (of course) because she was fixing the crib (putting the mattress down) so that baby won't be able to dive off the side of the crib now that he is sitting up and is starting to pull himself up.

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