Thursday, February 23, 2006

Speak Into the Microphone

So it seems (maybe, I hope) that little Josiah may be trying to alter his sleep schedule a bit. I tried to put him down at the usual time last night (6:00pm) and he didn't want to sleep, so I brought him into our room to play with the toys on the floor. It was clear after about 30 minutes that he was tired, so David put him in his crib. He did fall asleep and then so did we around 9:30pm or so.

Then around 12:30am he was making all sorts of noise and David and I woke up. David went in to check on him and he had kicked the baby monitor off the crib rail and it fell behind the bumper, so he put it back on the crib rail. No sooner did he do that did we hear even louder Josiah noises coming from the crib. I went in there to find him sitting up holding the baby monitor in his hands. He seems to have figured out that this thing with the little green light is the key to getting Mommy and Daddy to come in and rescue him.

So after all this, he wanted to stay up for a while...and finally got sleepy again around 1:30am or so. I put him down that time and then I was able to sleep until 7:30am!! When I got up he was actually still snoring away in his crib...I was amazed! I am hoping this becomes a pattern...but instead of the 12:30am awakening that he might go to sleep later than 6pm!

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