Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Biter Biscuit Business

Today I let Josiah try one of those baby biter biscuits. I was told they are "really messy" and so to feed one to him when I didn't plan to go anywhere soon afterward so that I could clean up the gigantic mess. And yes, it was messier than usual food, but he didn't get too messy. He had fun chomping away at this though. At one point, he had worn down one side enough that when he got that side back in his mouth he chomped off a big portion of the biscuit and so I quickly swiped the big piece out of his mouth before he tried to swallow it.

The other day my mom was here and babysat Josiah while I taught lessons.
She said, "I fed him the rest of the peaches and some rice cereal with mixed fruit." I got to thinking about that and I said, "Mom...were the 'peaches' a bright orange color?" (to which she said yes) I then informed her that she fed Josiah the rest of his squash mixed in with his rice cereal and mixed fruit. Good thing babies taste buds aren't fully developed yet! Ha ha ha!

Also, another fun thing is we feed him these easily dissolvable baby crackers. He can't feed himself yet, but rather "moves" the crackers around on the high chair surface and nearly always knocks them off onto the floor. When we feed him the cherry flavor crackers he likes to "talk" following each little bite, so we call those his "talking pills." Of course, when you try to get him to talk for other people they don't work, but he nearly always gives us a little sermon between each talking pill at home.

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