Friday, February 10, 2006

My New Friend Keira

Today Josiah and I went to lunch with my friend Cathy, her daughter Lynne and Lynne's daughter Keira. Keira is 14 months and since her mom babysits a boy about Josiah's age she was pretty good with him. As you can see here she is checking out Josiah's head! Anyway, they had fun "sharing" toys and checking each other out. Keira found his belly button at one point and poked at it which was pretty cute.

At lunch, Josiah liked Keira's bib and tore it off of her (it had animals on it with bright colors). Josiah is really starting to notice the little people around him more and was reaching out to touch Keira at times.

It was fun to get out and meet another young mom and to chat with Lynne and Cathy about "baby stuff." We went to this yummy Italian place called Ferrante's on the South Hill. They have this fun little side room for families with kids and we had a nice time eating and visiting there, while the little ones played with menus, little toys we had there and such.

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