Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bottoms Up!

Our little Josiah has taken to sleeping on his belly almost all the time now, though we do lay him on his back when we put him down. And not only does he sleep on his belly and his side, he will also get his feet underneath him (as shown in the photo) so that his bottom will be sticking up in the air. This is a perfectly comfortable position for him.

His pattern for sleeping is currently this one. He will go down at around 6pm o
r so (depending on when he had his nap) and then he will wake up somewhere
around 4:30am (real fun for Mommy the night person). I used to try and sleep on the futon while he watched an Einstein video, but since that doesn't seem to give me very productive sleep, I have just taken to staying up after feeding him in the morning and get things done around the house. This means the house is usually all clean, laundry done, etc. all before 7am. Yikes!!! But then the baby gets a little sleepy, and so either I will feed him on the futon and we both fall asleep, or if Daddy is awake (around 7amish) then we will go and sleep in my bedroom for a little nap in the morning for about an hour or so.

Then somewhere around 11ish he will want to go down again (usually for about 2 hours) and that is it for naps! Oh and something funny he does that is unrelated to this is that every time he has something new in his hands he moves his wrist back and forth to test the object to see if it makes a nice shaky sound or something fun like that!

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