Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fun with Blankie

For a while now, we have had this game with Baby J where he will be laying on the bed and will throw a blanket on him and say, "Where's the baby?" to which he giggles and then proceeds to pull the blanket off his head. Another version of this is where we put the blanket up to his neck and say, "Kick the covers off" and he violently flails his legs until the blanket is off of his body. The most current game though is while he is sitting up we throw the blanket over him and say, "Where's Josiah? Where's our little Josiah ghost?" He will stay under for a bit not moving and then will let out a couple of giggles to let us know where he is. And then eventually he will either pull the blanket off himself or fall backwards (on the bed of course) and "fix it" from there.

Uncle Brent made Jo
siah this cute little froggie blanket for Christmas and so this is our current choice for blanket time fun! We were surprised my brother made this himself...with no pattern! Good job Brent! He took a sewing class in high school and then recently he and his finance Katie found a sewing machine for a good deal at a thrift store and so they both chose to make many of their Christmas gifts this year. It was a neat idea and we really appreciated the time spent making them! Katie made me a really neat apron too which I now use quite often...thank you Katie!

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