Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Exploring the House

So as mentioned in the previous blog entry, little Josiah has been exploring his world a bit more as he has been rolling around the living room. It was so funny because about a week ago we could barely get him to have any tummy time before he gave an "AHHHH" noise of disapproval and now he is rolling over and over and sometimes I find him sleeping on his belly. It is amazing just how quick these new skills become second nature him!

And of course, most anything new that he can get his hands on has to be tasted! Once I discovered he could get to the blinds, I did a thorough cleaning of the trough in which the sliding glass doors reside. Mr. Josiah had to have his
hands washed the first time I found him "digging" in that trough trying to find something interesting to taste.

Another fun thing to mention is that in place of his humming when he gets irritated "mmm, mmmm, Hmmm" he now has changed it to "MmmmA MA Ma, BA ba ba" with varying degrees of irritability and volume. It is very cute and OH so pitiful that Mommy and Daddy have to laugh and of course RESCUE THE BABY from the horribleness.

He has taken to liking either David or I to rock him to sleep before bedtime at night. I used to be able to put him down immediately after feeding and sometimes that still works, but he really likes to sit in our laps and let us rock him to sleep in the dark in his room. It is a sweet time and I know it won't last, so I am relishing it! We love our baby!

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