Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Visit with the Grahams

Today we went to visit our friends the Grahams, that is Josiah and I visited them. Janeen's kids just love Josiah, especially her youngest (Neriah). He is always finding some of his toys that he has to give to Baby J, which I find very sweet. Joren decided to post the sign "Josiah That Way" in the picture (if you can see that close) which was pretty funny.
Later, Josiah was "folding the paper" as we call it and was using that sign and managed to get the ink from the paper in his mouth. It was when I saw the red ink on his lips that the sign was taken from him promptly. Josiah says, "It is important to test things out with my mouth." Ha ha ha!
Janeen has been a very good friend to me since we moved to Spokane and I am very thankful that she is here. She is one of those friends I can just pop in on at a moments notice and she is willing to have me come by. I like that. I wish I could do that with more of my friends, but most people are so busy that they can't do that these days.

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