Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Learning to Walk

Josiah is making the first attempts at trying to walk now as mentioned in a previous blog entry. My friend Mary gave us this little push toy for Josiah to practice with at home. He absolutely LOVES tooling around the house with it. When he runs into a wall or some furniture, I hear this very unhappy baby noise as if to say, "Why did this thing stop?"

The little bear on the toy squeaks when you squeeze it and at first it sort of scared Josiah. He didn't like how it let out this long SQUEEEEEK when you squeezed it really hard. He is used to it now though and tries to squeek it himself as well. He also likes to turn the toy over and play with the wheels (a favorite pastime with all toys that have wheels).

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Josiah Attends Mercedes Birthday Party

Josiah attended another birthday party today for a little girl named Mercedes. Tricia (her mom) is a friend of Kim's and I was introduced to them briefly at this Baby Fair a while back and then again on Bloomsday. We also saw them at Colton's birthday party (of which we have lots of pictures for those who would like to see them). When we saw them there, Tricia invited us to Mercedes big day as well, which was very nice of her!

Josiah and I had a good time at the party. He took to crawling around exploring the house right away and managed to knock over an item off a shelf, which I thought had broken, but instead had just spilled some contents on the floor. We were at Tricia's Mom's house which she admittingly told us, "was not baby proof," as Josiah aforementioned proved. However, she did have baby toys and Josiah managed to find those straight away as well as grabbed a hold of the balloons tied to the coffee table as well.

Mercedes was very cute and as Josiah was crawling all over the place, she many times followed him around (though she walks rather than crawls) to see what he was up to. There were two other babies there as well; Josiah's buddy Colton and his new friend Garrett.

Josiah was in love with the balloons and would let out an emphatic, "AHHHHHHH" to tell us. Colton would chime back with an "AHHHHH" as well and it was clear they were communicating with each other on some level. Josiah, Mercedes and Colton were eating crackers and would try to steal them from one another unless a new one was given in time. Mercedes loved her talking Elmo doll the best and gave a delighted squeal when he sang and danced around. She also enjoyed her toy that was a magnet for the fridge that made all sorts of sound
s and played songs.

Mercedes wore a cute little hat that said, "I'm ONE!" and Colton decided (picture on the right) that he would take that for himself...because you know, he is ONE too! Mercedes really liked the candle on her cake and rather than blowing it out she tried to grab it. She wasn't too happy that she couldn't have it until it was blown out, but then proceeded to suck on the opposite end of the candle. She really liked the frosting on the cake as well, but left the cake on her tray.

Overall it was a fun time and I was glad we went. It was really nice of Tricia's mom to host the party (after she just had surgery and was recovering) and Tricia made a YUMMY potato salad as well as provided some BBQ'd meat and chips for dinner. Thank you Tricia and family!

Chicks Dig My Wheels

So as you can see, before Josiah is actually walking we are teaching him how to drive! Ha ha ha! And note that he also totes his own diaper bag around too...yeah right! Let's review again, why does Mommy have an aching back? Hmmm...a close to 23 pound baby, lugging all his garb and her garb all around Spokane. Oh yeah, that it is it! Incidentally, I have been going to the chiropractor for those of you concerned folk out there and am feeling much better now that I am doing the stretches he taught me each day and getting my back adjusted once a week.

OK...enough health rambling! So Josiah and I were waiting for Kim, Chris and Colton to meet us at the Fred Meyer so that we could go to Mercedes birthday party (a little girl he just met recently through Kim). He was bored in his carseat, so I let him play around with the wheel and buttons in the car. He figured out how to turn on the windshield wipers and had a grand time turning the radio on and off and I narrated his actions as he went along, which he loves. It was VERY unpopular to be put back in his seat when we had to go.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Having Fun with Tigger

Yesterday, Josiah became interested in the big stuffed Tigger. Tigger has a feature where you can press his belly and he will say things to you like, "That's Tiggerific," or "You just made my heart bounce." Anyway, Josiah got a big smile and a giggle when he heard Tigger talk.

Today I had them pose in a hug much to Josiah's delight. Josiah seems to be getting a cold, so you can all pray that it won't turn into something more serious. He was overly cranky today for no apparent reason except for the fact that his nose is dripping like a faucet and he is sneezing a whole lot. If you want to see more pictures of Josiah and Tigger, check out the album in snapfish called "Josiah--9 months and beyond." If you don't have access to that one yet, let me know and I will send you an invite for that one.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Pool Time

Today it was VERY hot!! Into the 80's actually and it is only May! We all hope this is not a warning that July will be in the 100's the whole month or something! However, the fun part about warm weather is that the boys could try out Colton's new pool!

Josiah was a little hesitant at first mainly I think because he was a little cold, but as he got to playing with the balls and things he seemed to enjoy himself more. Colton spent no more than 5 minutes in the pool and then decided it was time to do something else. We had to trick him to stay in there for a while so that Kim could get some video footage of this event.

It is fun to watch these two play together. They usually steal each other's toys and/or tackle each other or push each other aside to get each other's toys. It is pretty cute, but later we
will teach them to share when they are able to get it!

This photo to the left was my favorite of the bunch of Josiah. I call it "Water Babe."

Oh...fun update! Today, Josiah was pulling the drawer by my desk in and out and managed to learn (after pinching his fingers yesterday and earlier today) how to close the drawers without pinching his fingers. He was so enthralled with working on this skill that at one point (with both David and I watching) he took 3 non-assisted steps forward to push the drawer shut. Yeah for first steps, however tenuous!

By the way...check out the blog entry on May 7th about Bloomsday if you haven't already. I had to post it before other posts even though it was new because of the date of Bloomsday.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Josiah Attends Colton's B-day Party

Today we attended Colton's first birthday party. Josiah brought as a gift two short jumpers for summer and also a set of books about animals. There were a few other little ones at the party including Colton's friends Mercedes (1 year) & Garrett (2 years), as well as lots of big people friends of the family.

Josiah spent a good 15-20 minutes in this little ball house all by himself just playing with
the balls. Picking them up, tasting them, throwing them down, and then repeating the process all over again. I tried to take him out at one point thinking he might like to see some other toys, but he crawled back in to play with the balls again.

At one point, Mercedes mom Tricia wasn't looking and Josiah grabbed her pizza crust and started munching. She was shocked that he did it and we all laughed about Mr.
Rubberband Hands and his constant desire to eat!

Garrett gave Colton a toy that he also has at home and we think that he thought that his parents were giving his toy away as he got really mad when he was told that was
Colton's toy. It was really cute though. If you are interested in seeing more pictures of the party, let me know and I will send you a link to the album in snapfish.

Here are my two favorites of Josiah from the party below:

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Crazy Hair

Josiah's hair is growing, but mainly in the back of his head. So now it is thicker and longer in the back, but the front is still pretty thin and short. As you can see he gets these very cute "Alfalfa" like hairdos now and then and this one was just too cute to bypass the camera!

Mr. Josiah is getting more and more adept at learning language, or at least understanding it for sure. He retrieves balls when we ask him, he goes to find "Da Da" when I say, "Where's Da Da?" and various other things.

He also loves music and will move back and forth whenever we sing to him (not to mention pulling himself up to play the upper or lower keys when I am teaching piano lessons). David plays this game where he starts singing the tune to "Dixieland" and claps to the beat and he will stop in the middle and Josiah will stop moving and then start to laugh in anticipation knowing that David will finish the song. It is very cute.

As for his motor skills, at least 3 times now I have seen him pull himself up and stand unassisted for about 2-3 seconds. It is not much I know, but it is still fun to see him do it. And by the way, I am told that to "motate" around is not a word, though I thought it was for a long time. Not sure where I got that, but David "Meriam-Webstered" me the other day on that one. Ha ha ha!

Soon I will post some pictures from Bloosmday, but I forgot my camera so our friend Kim took the pictures and I am waiting to get them from her before I can post them. Check back to a previous post on May 7th to see it at some point as that was the day of Bloomsday.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bloomsday 2006

This was our first Bloomsday walk together as Carpenter Family + a little one! The day started out pretty cold as you may be able to tell by all the layered clothing and gloomy skies. There was a cold wind blowing too, so standing at the start line for about 1 hour and a half was pretty chill. Luckily being in a crowd of people helped generate some heat and block from the wind, but little Josiah's nose was still Rudolph red despite that.

We walked the race with our friends Kim, Chris & their son Colton, which was a lot of fun. At the beginning of the race, we saw this guy who had rigged a beach umbrella to his stroller to shield them from the drizzling rain. A couple of times throughout the race we saw his umbrella get blown inside out and finally he took it down on Doomsday Hill when the wind kept getting it. Kim also got a kick out of the fact that when they played some rockin' music at the beginning that I broke out into dance, pulling out the goofiest moves I could think of. She was busting up laughing at me. It was fun!

There were lots of entertainers along the way, of which included: an old man impersonating Elvis playing the accordian, a country rock band, a couple of punk bands, an aspiring 12 year old (probably wants to be an American Idol), an older couple playing according and bass (very cute), a mother's playing upside-down buckets band, a Blue-Grass band, a cover band and a few others. We also saw a group of people dressed in Star Wars get-up as well which was pretty funny. A funny point in the journey was when we went by these people holding signs that said, "There is no justice in the war on drugs," to which everyone who was talking before the sign was quiet and many whispered, "what does that mean?" and later we discovered it was some people who wanted to legalize marijuana usage for medical purposes. It was interesting to David & I that none of them looked like sick patients, ahem.

Little Josiah slept for about the first 2 miles, which was nice and we endured the rain that pelted us for the first part, but then it eased up mid-way or so. Doomsday Hill was tough, but we all made it up and didn't get eaten by the Buzzard (see photo in Snapfish). We saw a funny sign along the way, it said "Drive Safely" and it was sponsored by "Heritage Funeral Home."

I must admit...it was a tough journey for me, but as long as I kept moving I was able to keep going. At the end, we tried to go back and find where our church was having the BBQ, but it was too far away and we were really hungry. We had to wait about 30 minutes in line to get our shirts, which I was told was way longer than previous years. We ended up driving out of downtown Spokane and had lunch at the Red Robin in the Valley as a treat. Afterward, I could barely walk the rest of the day. I was limping around like an old lady! However, the next day I was doing better though I was afraid I would be worse.

Overall, we had a great time and hope to do it again next year!