Thursday, May 11, 2006

Crazy Hair

Josiah's hair is growing, but mainly in the back of his head. So now it is thicker and longer in the back, but the front is still pretty thin and short. As you can see he gets these very cute "Alfalfa" like hairdos now and then and this one was just too cute to bypass the camera!

Mr. Josiah is getting more and more adept at learning language, or at least understanding it for sure. He retrieves balls when we ask him, he goes to find "Da Da" when I say, "Where's Da Da?" and various other things.

He also loves music and will move back and forth whenever we sing to him (not to mention pulling himself up to play the upper or lower keys when I am teaching piano lessons). David plays this game where he starts singing the tune to "Dixieland" and claps to the beat and he will stop in the middle and Josiah will stop moving and then start to laugh in anticipation knowing that David will finish the song. It is very cute.

As for his motor skills, at least 3 times now I have seen him pull himself up and stand unassisted for about 2-3 seconds. It is not much I know, but it is still fun to see him do it. And by the way, I am told that to "motate" around is not a word, though I thought it was for a long time. Not sure where I got that, but David "Meriam-Webstered" me the other day on that one. Ha ha ha!

Soon I will post some pictures from Bloosmday, but I forgot my camera so our friend Kim took the pictures and I am waiting to get them from her before I can post them. Check back to a previous post on May 7th to see it at some point as that was the day of Bloomsday.

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