Sunday, February 18, 2007

Playground & Party Fun

Today, we all went as a family to a birthday party for Tyler, the son of David's friend Kim from work. He turned one today and before the party we played on the playground (since we got there a little early). The party was at a community center that was next to an elementary school, so it was convenient for us to let him play there beforehand. Josiah wasted no time in climbing, sliding, and playing with the steering wheels on the big toy. He discovered it was fun to hold onto the bar and then drop onto the slide. I call this his "hang time" moment!

He really enjoyed exploring this playground and of course did not fail to pick up all the balls that people left around and attempted to throw them, while Mommy went around getting the balls and putting them back where they belonged.
We even got him to go down the big boy twisty slide a few times. He climbed up all by himself (though I was close by in case of an accident) and he went down all by himself as well. He has been very hesitant to go down the bigger slides I have found. I call him my careful boy because it takes him a while to warm up to things. This is of course good though because in a new environment he doesn't take a lot of risks and, therefore, rarely gets hurt (minus a few little bruises or bonks here and there).

We finally went to the party and Josiah was fit to be tied to stay in the room now that he knew that there was prime climbing and sliding equipment nearby. We enticed him briefly with some things from the grab bag he got, some markers to color the table with, and of course some cake, but most of the party Mommy spent with him outside on the playground! David stayed inside and mingled with many of his co-workers. As you can see, we tried to put a party hat on Josiah, but he was none to happy about it! Once we took the hat off he was fine though. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a picture of Tyler (the b-day boy) and Josiah together, but I gave Kim our number so that we could plan a play date for the two of them sometime.

Captain Organization

One of the fun things I have noticed about Josiah is that he likes to have things organized in his own way. His latest example of this is that he likes to line his trucks and cars up on the window sill. I find that if he wants my attention, he will start throwing things all over the room, so I will be tempted to come and pick them up and then in turn play with him! Then he sometimes helps me put them back where they belong. He is also a good helper when it comes to putting the wet clothes in the dryer! In the bath tub, he helps me put his bath toys away also.
And as a side note, some of the fun things he does lately is as follows. Whenever we rock in the rocking chair, he says "wracko, wracko, wracko" and moves forward and backward. He is of course trying to say "rocking" as I usually say, "rocking chair, rocking chair" as we move back and forth. He is also recognizing letters much more readily. We were watching Sesame Street today and they were going over all the letters one by one slowly. He tried to pronounce most all of them after the person on TV said them! Some of them he got just right! And he seems to recognize A, B, C, D, E, I, O, P, R, & Y when we see them in books. We have a very smart pumpkin head!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dump Truck Seat

For Valentine's Day, my Mom and Dad wanted to get him a gift and so Mom and I treked over to the Toys-R-Us to pick out a toy for Josiah. Of course, he could have easily been happy with most anything with wheels in the store, but I thought this heavy, duty dump truck would last the longest and give the most enjoyment to little pumpkinhead! As you can see, it has promptly been turned into a chair for watching Elmo in the morning! The dump truck also came with a hard hat and sand play tools, which will come into more use in the summer time. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the V-day toy!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Future Construction Worker

After getting Josiah dressed this morning, we got to playing with some of his play tools and I thought it would be fun to deck him out in all the construction gear that we got from our friends at church. This shot with the hat didn't last long as soon after this photo he pulled it off and wouldn't keep it on again, so I am glad I got this one good picture of him.