Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fun with Blankie

For a while now, we have had this game with Baby J where he will be laying on the bed and will throw a blanket on him and say, "Where's the baby?" to which he giggles and then proceeds to pull the blanket off his head. Another version of this is where we put the blanket up to his neck and say, "Kick the covers off" and he violently flails his legs until the blanket is off of his body. The most current game though is while he is sitting up we throw the blanket over him and say, "Where's Josiah? Where's our little Josiah ghost?" He will stay under for a bit not moving and then will let out a couple of giggles to let us know where he is. And then eventually he will either pull the blanket off himself or fall backwards (on the bed of course) and "fix it" from there.

Uncle Brent made Jo
siah this cute little froggie blanket for Christmas and so this is our current choice for blanket time fun! We were surprised my brother made this himself...with no pattern! Good job Brent! He took a sewing class in high school and then recently he and his finance Katie found a sewing machine for a good deal at a thrift store and so they both chose to make many of their Christmas gifts this year. It was a neat idea and we really appreciated the time spent making them! Katie made me a really neat apron too which I now use quite often...thank you Katie!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Exploring the House

So as mentioned in the previous blog entry, little Josiah has been exploring his world a bit more as he has been rolling around the living room. It was so funny because about a week ago we could barely get him to have any tummy time before he gave an "AHHHH" noise of disapproval and now he is rolling over and over and sometimes I find him sleeping on his belly. It is amazing just how quick these new skills become second nature him!

And of course, most anything new that he can get his hands on has to be tasted! Once I discovered he could get to the blinds, I did a thorough cleaning of the trough in which the sliding glass doors reside. Mr. Josiah had to have his
hands washed the first time I found him "digging" in that trough trying to find something interesting to taste.

Another fun thing to mention is that in place of his humming when he gets irritated "mmm, mmmm, Hmmm" he now has changed it to "MmmmA MA Ma, BA ba ba" with varying degrees of irritability and volume. It is very cute and OH so pitiful that Mommy and Daddy have to laugh and of course RESCUE THE BABY from the horribleness.

He has taken to liking either David or I to rock him to sleep before bedtime at night. I used to be able to put him down immediately after feeding and sometimes that still works, but he really likes to sit in our laps and let us rock him to sleep in the dark in his room. It is a sweet time and I know it won't last, so I am relishing it! We love our baby!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Our Baby Einstein

Mommy has had this wonderful trick for curing nearing any Baby J fussy episode (other than feeding a hunger pain of course). The cure is to start showing one of his Baby Einstein DVD's and he immediately gets a smile and sits and watches it very intently. His first favorite part comes when this cute little rainbow colored caterpiller (that his cousin Anna Grace calls "Charlie") comes on the screen with the introductory title for each DVD.

His ultimate favorite of the DVD's thus far though is the Christmas one. On the Christmas DVD there
is a scene where this reindeer puppet is decorating a gingerbread man cookie. First, he puts red frosting on it, then leaves the screen and comes back with red frosting on his face. Then he shakes green sprinkles
from a cannister on the cookie. Then finally, he pops up quickly (which makes Josiah jump) and there is this "poof" sound and the puppet spits a bunch of powdered sugar all over the cookie. Upon first seeing this portion of this DVD, he started to belly laugh and every time afterward he would laugh when the puppet first came on the screen and would rock back and forth in delight in his saucer.

You can see in these photos that he is "not to be bothered" when his show is on!! And that little rosy cheek on his left side I think came from "doing the wheelbarrow" as I call it. He has been getting his feet underneath him and since he won't do a mini-push up at the same time, he ends up scooting forward with his face on the ground. Hence, why I have the blanket on the floor to minimize the rug burns. His current favorite way to move is rolling from one end of the room to the other with the occassional wheelbarrow scoot to get at what he wants.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Visit with the Grahams

Today we went to visit our friends the Grahams, that is Josiah and I visited them. Janeen's kids just love Josiah, especially her youngest (Neriah). He is always finding some of his toys that he has to give to Baby J, which I find very sweet. Joren decided to post the sign "Josiah That Way" in the picture (if you can see that close) which was pretty funny.
Later, Josiah was "folding the paper" as we call it and was using that sign and managed to get the ink from the paper in his mouth. It was when I saw the red ink on his lips that the sign was taken from him promptly. Josiah says, "It is important to test things out with my mouth." Ha ha ha!
Janeen has been a very good friend to me since we moved to Spokane and I am very thankful that she is here. She is one of those friends I can just pop in on at a moments notice and she is willing to have me come by. I like that. I wish I could do that with more of my friends, but most people are so busy that they can't do that these days.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Favorite Toy...A Pepsi Bottle

After we drank our diet Pepsi a while back and were getting ready to discard the bottle in the recycle bin, our little one took an interest in it and claimed it for his new favorite toy. He especially likes the yellow top and constantly is trying to get parts of the bottle in his mouth, though unsuccessfu most of the time.

Today it was "try momma's patience" day and nothing she did seemed to make baby happy. I am not sure, but I think he may be cutting some more teeth? He has two that have poked through on the bottom front, but I haven't seen any evidence of more, except for the fact he constantly wants to suck on something.

Still, even on the harder days, Mommy loves us with all her heart!