Monday, June 25, 2007

Mowing with Daddy

For one of Josiah's birthday gifts, he got this little bubble mower. The bubble part has turned out to be more of a mess than a fun thing, so we took the bubble juice out and just have it as a mower now. Daddy thought this would be a great gift since Josiah has been so fascinated with the "real" mower whenever he used it. And sure enough, Josiah was very excited to have his own mower to "help" mow the lawn. He was out there for a good long time following Daddy around with his little mower. It was too cute! He is such a sweet little boy!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Birthday Fun

Today, we celebrated Josiah's birthday! His actual birthday is on June 27th, but we had it on this Saturday since it was more convenient for our guests!

Of course as you can see, Grandpa Walker and Grandma were in attendance as well as Uncle Brent, Aunt Katie and Josiah's babysitter Sharel and her sisters Linda and Laura.

For most of the party (while we were all eating) Josiah was outside playing. He loves the outdoors and has a special place behind the shed where he and Echo dig little holes for his "construction" work. For the party food though, we enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, potato salad, salsa (homemade), pie and cake.

Josiah received many nice gifts, so many in fact that he had a little trouble decided which one to play with for a bit. I think he was a little overwhelmed, but he was definitely excited for sure.

He was enjoying this little pinwheel and throughout the night brought it over to most everyone and put it in their face to blow it. It was pretty obvious at first that he knew the party was for him when we sang "Happy Birthday" as he pretended to get a little shy and grinned really big. He was more active in trying to tear the wrapping off the packages this year as well. He didn't eat much, except a nice big piece of cake. I am sure this was likely the cause of why he was so down and out the next day, but oh well birthdays only come once a year!

He is much more adept at using a fork now and it is clear that he will likely be a right handed guy as he tends to always use his right hand to eat and seems to do better when he does use it.

Overall it was a really fun time and it was nice to visit with family and friends. Thanks one and all for the nice gifts and memories!

Happy 2nd Birthday Josiah!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Fun

For Father's Day this year, I decided we would get David a decent grill for cooking outdoors. We took advantage of the after Father's Day sales and got a nice deal on one. David is putting it together here and Josiah has his tools as well and is "helping" Daddy screw in the screws.

I must say, that David receives special kudos this year for how he spent his Father's Day. I was essentially sick with the flu (not morning sickness this time) from Friday through Sunday and he came home from work and took over all the housework and watched Josiah without complaining a bit! He is a very loving and wonderful husband and I am very thankful to have him!

And for those of you who haven't heard yet, I am pregnant and am due in February. We will keep you informed as to when we find out if it is a boy or a girl and all that. So far, I am doing well, just a little morning sickness here and there.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trip to Spokane

David had some business to attend to in Spokane this weekend, so we were able to make an unexpected trip to our old stomping grounds for a short visit. We arrived VERY late on a Thursday night (we left after my last student of the day). Josiah fell asleep in the car, but then woke up when we stopped at the hotel to check in. It was hard to get him to go back to sleep in a strange place, so I ended up sleeping with him out on the pull out sofa bed that night to help him sleep better.

On Friday morning, David went to work and I went to visit my friend Janeen and her family for a bit. Josiah played in their back yard with her son Neriah and they explored all the nooks and crannies and rolled around all the construction trucks that they had there. We had a nice lunch and visit with them and then Janeen took us back to the hotel where Josiah and I promptly crashed for a couple of hours. Following a nice, much needed nap, Josiah and I headed over to Cheney to visit my grandparents and Aunt Genny (David had to stay at the hotel and work). Grandpa Hal took Grandma Betty from the nursing home over to their house and we were able to visit there, which was nice. They both enjoyed seeing Josiah again as well. For dinner, we went to Red Robin with our friends Kim and Chris and their son Colton. Josiah decided he would throw a big fit in the restaurant because he wanted to go sit at the race car video game intead of eat with us. We think he was really just awfully tired still and so cut our dinner a little short to get him home ASAP!

Saturday morning, I headed out to go to the Liberty Lake garage sale with Kim. This is an annual event in the town where lots and lots and lots of people host garage sales all at once and you can just go up and down the roads to peruse all the various items being sold. I picked up some maternity shirts, some floor ABC block tiles for Josiah's room, and a Pooh & Tigger crib set for our new baby (due in February). The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing, as this was supposed to be a vacation too.

Sunday morning we woke up intending to go to our old church, but I felt very sick. I had a bad case of morning sickness and Josiah was exceptionally grumpy and fell asleep again after being up at 8:00am and he slept until almost 10am. We ended up going to church, but not until it was almost over (when I was feeling much better) and saw most all of our friends, which I was glad of! Following church, we headed home with a stop in Ritzville for some Zips food, and a stop in Ellensburg for a Mommy time out (Josiah had been fussing for some time), and a stop in Moses Lake for a baby time out (we stopped at a park and let him play for a while).

Friday, June 01, 2007

Quilted Baby Blanket Finished!

I finally finished my latest quilting project! Just in time to bring it to Spokane with us when we go for a visit next week! My friend Kim is having a little girl in July and so I set out many months ago to make her a little baby blanket. It was neat because I bought all the material in a pack around Christmastime and all I really had to do was put it together and then quilt it.

You might notice that the squares around the outside are quilted with the letters A, B, or C. For those of you with an astute eye you will notice the errors in my work, but we will just pretend those aren't there.

The picture below shows how I quilted each individual animal and block on the middle section as well.

This project was SO much fun and is even more rewarding that I can give it away to a good friend and her new baby!