Friday, June 01, 2007

Quilted Baby Blanket Finished!

I finally finished my latest quilting project! Just in time to bring it to Spokane with us when we go for a visit next week! My friend Kim is having a little girl in July and so I set out many months ago to make her a little baby blanket. It was neat because I bought all the material in a pack around Christmastime and all I really had to do was put it together and then quilt it.

You might notice that the squares around the outside are quilted with the letters A, B, or C. For those of you with an astute eye you will notice the errors in my work, but we will just pretend those aren't there.

The picture below shows how I quilted each individual animal and block on the middle section as well.

This project was SO much fun and is even more rewarding that I can give it away to a good friend and her new baby!


Anonymous said...

Congratz! I hope she will love the beautiful blanket you made! you did a good job! When are you coming to Spokane? I miss you guys and hope to see you soon!


Sharel said...

You showed me that blanket earlyer today!!! it is so nice. :)I like it.

Sharel said...

You should get some 4th of july pics, that would be neat.

Anonymous said...

Just had to tell you again how much I LOVE the blanket!! It will definitely be coming to the hospital with me on July 2nd. And I'm sure it'll be Kylie's favorite. Thank you so much, Heather!!