Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Birthday Party, Daddy's Shoes & A Doctor Visit

On Saturday, Josiah's little friend Hannah (his babysitter's sister) came over to celebrate her birthday. Orginally, it was scheduled to be at the park near their home, but it was a rainy day, so a few from their family came over here for a bit instead so the little ones could play.

Hannah is 2 months younger than Josiah and whenever Sharel (in the picture on the right) comes over to babysit without Hannah, Josiah looks out the window and mournfully chants, "Hannah? Hannah?" It is really cute. And when she does come with Sharel from time to time he immediately tries to hold her hand as she comes in the door and he walks a little ways with her into the house. When she left our house after the party, Josiah hugged her and then Hannah said, "I love you," to Josiah. Can we all say it? Ahhhhhhhh!

Josiah has been loving having his Daddy home for the past 2 weeks during the I-5 construction (David worked from home) and Monday of this week was the first day that he was back to work. Josiah found Daddy's work shoes and clomped around the house in them for a bit as you see pictured here. From time to time during the day now, he will say "Daddy," or "Papa" and will come barreling into our room to find him. I say, "Daddy is gone at work, we will miss him." Josiah then says, "Daddy gone...misses."
Mommy misses having Daddy around too as it has been nice to have a second set of hands with a squirmy, sometimes unwilling Pumpkinhead to deal with! It has been great for their relationship though since he was able to spend so much time at home. Now instead of always calling out "Momma, Momma" whenever he wants something, he calls out "Papa, Papa" and goes and knocks on our bedroom door where Papa works to get his attention.
We went to the doctor today for little Josiah because he came down with a fever on Tuesday evening. It turns out he has strep throat, so he is on antibiotics now. They seem to have done the trick thus far because his fever is gone, he is eating more again, has more energy and is less clingy to Mommy. I got lots of cuddle time yesterday (a rare occurrence) and a couple night time wakings to boot! We got a male doctor at the walk in clinic today and he was so good with Josiah. He listened to his heart and Josiah immediately calls out, "What's that?" and the doctor labeled the stethescope for him. Then the doctor looked at his ears and after each ear Josiah said, "Thank you," to the doctor. Then when the doctor left to go check the strep culture, Josiah sadly said, "Doctor? Doctor? Doctor?" as he wanted him to come back! The doctor asked Josiah about the cars he was carrying and Mr. J looked very proud when the doctor seemed interested in them. He promptly plopped them all on the examining table for him to see. Lastly, when it was time to go, I went to reach for his hand to take him out and he reached out for the doctor's hand and the doctor walked him down the hallway and gave him a sucker. It was so cute! I am sure it made the doctor's day that a little 2-year old actually wanted to see him!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Annual Milton Parade

If you look back in the archives of this lovely blog, you will find that we also attended the Milton parade and picnic last August as well. This year was Milton's 100th birthday, so there were lots of things going on at the park to enjoy. Josiah of course loves the parade the most because of all the trucks, cars, and bands that come by.

This year though in order to minimize the walking (for the poor,
sore pregnant lady) we drove down to the park and walked only a little ways uphill to find our parade spot. Even that short of a walk was a little tiring for me, but I managed.

We had to wait a bit for the parade as we were near the end of the parade route and Josiah kept saying, "parade, parade?" and looked impatiently down the road. David sought to distract him by taking him over to the park and also got him a snowcone, which as you can see was very popular! He kept calling it "ice cream" and slurped it down until I said, "Look Josiah the parade is coming," to which he promptly handed the snowcone to Daddy and looked up the road.

As the big LOUD trucks with their horns came by, Josiah was doing the international "honking horn" sign with his arm and ever so often would shout out "BIG truck" and point at the trucks. There was a little girl next to us (3 1/2 years old) that would cover her ears when the loud horns were blowing, but Josiah couldn't get enough of the loudness!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

4th Anniversary Festivities

David and I recently celebrated our 4th anniversary on Aug. 9th. We actually went out on the Saturday following the date as that was more convenient for our schedules as well as getting my Mom and Dad to come and watch the Pumpkinhead.

David surprised me the day before our anniversary with the lovely roses that you see pictured here. They were delivered to our door by a florist.

To celebrate together, we went to see a movie (complete with popcorn for me, candy for David, and pop for us both) and then went out to a nice place for dinner. We saw the movie Ratatouille, which was all about a rat that cooks gourmet food and then had some delicious gourmet Italian food at this place near Sumner called "Mama Stortini's," which we now highly recommend if you live in the area. I was rejoicing that I could actually eat my dinner in peace without confining Josiah to his seat and praying that the "french fries" would come quickly so he would settle down! It was nice to leisurely enjoy dinner and reminisce with my sweet husband about old times and also to talk about some things together that had been on our minds of late.

I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband who incidentally has been a great support to me recently through some of the difficulties of this pregnancy. He is quick to jump in and help me when I need it and looks out for me so that I don't do too much. I am very appreciative that he cares so much and shows it in such a practical and loving manner. I love you honey!!