Saturday, August 18, 2007

Annual Milton Parade

If you look back in the archives of this lovely blog, you will find that we also attended the Milton parade and picnic last August as well. This year was Milton's 100th birthday, so there were lots of things going on at the park to enjoy. Josiah of course loves the parade the most because of all the trucks, cars, and bands that come by.

This year though in order to minimize the walking (for the poor,
sore pregnant lady) we drove down to the park and walked only a little ways uphill to find our parade spot. Even that short of a walk was a little tiring for me, but I managed.

We had to wait a bit for the parade as we were near the end of the parade route and Josiah kept saying, "parade, parade?" and looked impatiently down the road. David sought to distract him by taking him over to the park and also got him a snowcone, which as you can see was very popular! He kept calling it "ice cream" and slurped it down until I said, "Look Josiah the parade is coming," to which he promptly handed the snowcone to Daddy and looked up the road.

As the big LOUD trucks with their horns came by, Josiah was doing the international "honking horn" sign with his arm and ever so often would shout out "BIG truck" and point at the trucks. There was a little girl next to us (3 1/2 years old) that would cover her ears when the loud horns were blowing, but Josiah couldn't get enough of the loudness!

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