Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pregnancy Classes Begin

Today, David and I began our pregnancy classes at the Valley Hospital. There are many things that we heard that we already knew, but also learned a few things as well. Since I am now writing this in hindsight, I can say that the breathing exercises turned out to be pretty pointless since I had an epidural and didn't feel any of my contractions. I guess it was good to learn them just in case though! One of the great benefits of this class was that I met a friend that I have continued to keep in contact with who lives nearby. Her name is Becky and she had her baby two days before mine on my due date!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Queen for a Day Luncheon

Today, our church sponsored a women’s luncheon called “Queen for a Day”. It was a nice event at the Red Lion Hotel in Idaho. They had the room all decorated nicely and a buffet style brunch. They also had speakers, all of which had been involved in some kind of pageant at one time or another and spoke about their experience as well as some entertained us by singing a song or giving a speech. It was a nice day and I had fun pampering myself prior to the event to make myself look Queenly!! It was a struggle to find an outfit that would fit my large belly, but I relied on my trusty “stretchy shirt” to do the trick!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Funny Grandpa Story Dad calls me one day and says, "I was at the store the other day and I saw some diapers on sale and got them for the baby." Later we spoke again and he said, "Well...I looked at the diapers and it said they were size medium and large, so I guess he won't be able to use them right away." I told him that was OK and that we would store them until the appropriate time. He came over to visit and I told him to just put them in the garage for me before he left.

So the next day, I go into the garage to get in the car and leave for an event and lo and behold I see the diapers stacked in the garage. Across the package in big, bold letters is the word "Depends"! I laughed so hard I could hardly drive! I called my Dad and said, "Yes Dad you are right...he WON'T be using these for some time!!"

As you can has been a while since my Dad has interacted with a baby! But he is a very proud Grandpa!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bloomsday 2005

David and I volunteered to help hand out T-shirts at Bloomsday this year. I was VERY pregnant at the time, but I brought a chair to sit on when I got tired of standing. When handing out shirts David and I saw our friends from Bothell, WA, Russell & Tanya from our Young Marrieds Group there at Northshore Baptist Church. It was such a surprise to see them and also that they happened to come through our line to get their shirts! We had a great time participating in the event and had happy thoughts about how next year we would have a baby to push in a stroller for the event!