Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wearing the Parent's Shoes

Periodically, Josiah loves to walk in Daddy's or Mommy's shoes when he gets the inkling. Of course, he doesn't REALLY know what it is like to walk in our shoes, but he will learn someday right? He really does try to walk once he gets them on too, which is really funny.

Today, I caught him trying on my shoes and so thought I would show the two pictures together as a pair.


His look in this photo is just too funny! He proceeded to take some big steps in my shoes after this shot and actually made it pretty far!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

Today, we finally made it to the Pt. Defiance Zoo. Grandparents Walker have been saying they had wanted to take Josiah for some time and so it seemed fitting to head over to it on Memorial Day when Grandma Walker had a day off from school. It was really neat too because my friend Melissa and her family went also and since they have a Zoo Pass, we all got in free. It worked out really nicely that way. We didn't tour with them this time though because they had to go through quickly as they had someplace they had to go afterward.

Josiah really enjoyed looking at the elephants and the polar bear the most I think. The polar best came from his place on the rocks and swam all the way up to the glass where Josiah was standing. It was really cool! They are neat looking animals up close I think. The elephant was fun too, she picked up a stick in her trunk and was scratching herself with it. For the first time, Josiah made the elephant sound when we saw it. Usually, for elephant, he just raises his arm up like a trunk, but he made a very distinct elephant sound this time.

One of Josiah's favorite things at the zoo was to chase the crows away from the picnic tables. I told him to "go get the birds" and he had fun running around trying to get them. He never succeeded in getting the birds, but was laughing hysterically, running around trying to. He took a little fall on the grating (didn't hurt himself though) and so that was the end of the bird chasing for that day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Sandbox

Grandparents Walker decided that they wanted to get Josiah an early (and I mean early) birthday present and so they got him a sandbox to enjoy in the back yard now that the sun is out a bit more.

At first, he didn't want to have anything to do with getting IN the sandbox, but preferred to enjoy it at a distance, sitting outside! Perhaps he doesn't like the feeling of sand down the diaper?

A couple other times Grandpa came over though, he put him in the sandbox, but he remained a statue in a sqauting position, so as to not get any sand down the diaper I assume.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Helping the Parents

David and I decided to tackle some of the weed-infested places in out back yard today and Josiah was quick to jump in and help us. He likes to carry around all his little play tools wherever he goes and he will do simple tasks for us. His "big jobs" were to hammer the rocks, move the rocks over by the tree, and to rake the sticks and brush. He was having a great time and was telling us lots of things during the process. Unfortunately, we don't have a Josiah translator, so the gist we got was "uh buh juh buh eee beee leee bah" or something like that anyway.

Earlier in the day, Mommy went to a Mother's Day breakfast with some friend's from church and so he had some quality Daddy time. David left the living room for a little bit (where Josiah was watching TV) and came back in and found Josiah in the following state (see picture). Apparently, he did a little too much hammering and was pooped out from all the Daddy play! Daddy attempted to transfer the Pumkinhead to his bed, but discovered in the process that he had left Daddy a gigantic, stinky present in his diaper. David said he actually got most of the diaper changed with him still asleep, but then as he was putting him down I knocked on the door (didn't have my keys with me) and he apparently heard it and started wailing for Momma. I jumped right back into Mommy-hood after getting all teary-eyed at the event where they spoke of the joys of motherhood.
He is a very sweet little boy and I am very thankful that God has allowed us to experience all the wonderful things he has to offer. My greatest prayer for him is that he would be a living testimony to Jesus' great love for all of us and that he would help bring many to know the Lord.