Monday, May 28, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

Today, we finally made it to the Pt. Defiance Zoo. Grandparents Walker have been saying they had wanted to take Josiah for some time and so it seemed fitting to head over to it on Memorial Day when Grandma Walker had a day off from school. It was really neat too because my friend Melissa and her family went also and since they have a Zoo Pass, we all got in free. It worked out really nicely that way. We didn't tour with them this time though because they had to go through quickly as they had someplace they had to go afterward.

Josiah really enjoyed looking at the elephants and the polar bear the most I think. The polar best came from his place on the rocks and swam all the way up to the glass where Josiah was standing. It was really cool! They are neat looking animals up close I think. The elephant was fun too, she picked up a stick in her trunk and was scratching herself with it. For the first time, Josiah made the elephant sound when we saw it. Usually, for elephant, he just raises his arm up like a trunk, but he made a very distinct elephant sound this time.

One of Josiah's favorite things at the zoo was to chase the crows away from the picnic tables. I told him to "go get the birds" and he had fun running around trying to get them. He never succeeded in getting the birds, but was laughing hysterically, running around trying to. He took a little fall on the grating (didn't hurt himself though) and so that was the end of the bird chasing for that day.

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