Friday, July 28, 2006

Getting to Know Echo

Josiah has this new thing where he buries himself in Echo's fur and just lays there. I think that he likes to hear her growl/bark when he puts too much weight on her, as he laughs when she makes sounds. I am so thankful that she doesn't bite him or hurt him in anyway despite Josiah's sometimes rough and tumble methods of playing with her. I have been teaching him how to be gentle and pet her nicely and he is learning slowly but surely. He tends to want to grab her mouth and/or poke at her eyes though, which isn't good and again luckily Echo is a very mellow doggie and just takes it all.

She has a new "warning bar
k" to let him know when he is getting close to stepping on her leg or something. She will now either do that or get up and move quickly when he comes her way. It is very cute to see them together though!

Josiah imitates Daddy by throwing Echo's ball or chew toy (about a foot in front of him) and she goes and fetches it for him. Then he proceeds to pry the ball out of her mouth and throw it again. Sometimes she won't let go and Josiah lets out a cry of frustration until she does. When they are playing this game outside sometimes Echo will get really excited and come snatch the ball out of Josiah's hand and that isn't very popular with him at all. He wants to throw it for her!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Our New Home

So...for those of you anxious to see our new home, here are some pictures. We also have a really big back yard with 2 big trees (one pine, one maple) and 3 fruit trees (plum, cherry, & apple).

We have been really enjoying our new place! You will also see pictured in the living room shot, our new piano there on the left. It was given to us from some people in my parent's church. The story of why they gave it too us is very interesting as well. Write me an email if you want to hear it.

My favorite feature of our new house though is the kitchen! There is SO much room and the appliances are top of the line. One of the first times I ran the dishwasher, I asked David, "Do you hear anything?" He said, "No, am I supposed to hear something?" I then told him that the dishwasher was running; it is so quiet!

Please let us know if you are in the area and need a place to stay. We have a guest room now and are willing hosts!

Praise God for such a beautiful home!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Beautiful Sunsets

Lately, we have been having these beautiful sunsets and it has been fun that we have such a great view of them from our back porch.

The second one pictured was during the heat wave we had here the last few days. You might notice that there are very few clouds in the sky? was hot that day!

Thankfully, it is quite cool in the morning today and I am hoping it won't heat up much to give us some reprieve from the heat. My poor hubby has been losing sleep because h
e can't sleep when he is too hot. I think he will be pleased today as I have a method to keeping it cooler in our bedroom. I blew in a lot of cold air when it was cool this morning and then closed up the room to keep it in. Now as long as the sun doesn't heat up the room too much, then I think it will be easier for him to sleep.

We truly are thankful for such a wonderful place to live. We know that the Lord has placed us here and are looking forward to the opportunties he will bring to us in this place.

Gymnastic Josiah

Our little Josiah got himself in a jam when attempting either to climb and/or move this stool. He has this thing now where he likes to move furniture. He really likes things with wheels because they move much more easily, and so I think he has attempted to move non-wheeled things thinking they will do the same. He has done this "getting stuck in the stool" thing a couple of times now and so this time I decided to capture it on film!

Josiah recognizes a few more words now...that is he can fetch things for us like the ball, his blankie bear, and various other things. He also points to the sky whenever he hears a plane and makes a garbled sound to let us know he hears it. His favorite line sounds a little like "What's this?" though it is not that pronounced. It sounds more like one word and it is more like a whisper, but it is very cute. My parents tell me that they periodically go around the house saying, "whatsthis?" to each other just for fun.

Speaking of my parents, they have thoroughly enjoyed being in driving range of their grandson. They often have to come into Puyallup for various errands and will many times "stop by" to get some time in with the pumpkinhead. And needless to say, if it were up to them he would be dubbed the smartest baby ever as well as the cutest. It is fun to see them interact with him!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer Time Fun

Our friends Kim, Chris & Colton gave Josiah this pool for his birthday and today was the first day we tried it out. I could tell that at first he was pretty cold, but since it was warm outside he seemed to get used to it after a while. I brought all his bath toys outside for play in the pool. Here is he is holding up a letter trying to make it out.

I figured he was done with the pool when he started tossing his letters and toys off the side of the pool as that is what he does with his food when he is done eating. However, then later after he walked around a little, he leaned over the side of the pool trying to grab things, so I let him play a little bit more.

I dosed him in sunscreen beforehand, but he still got a little pink on his face afterward. And of course I forgot to put any on myself and ended up with some burnt shoulders! If it were up to Mr. Josiah, we would be outside all day long, but I try to limit him from getting that much exposure to the sun. I plan to take him on some outings to the park and the mall in coming days to get him out and about.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Gifts from Grandparents Carpenter

Today Josiah got a new couple of toys from the Carpenter grandparents. They got him these two wooden toys that he loves: a work bench and a train. The work bench has these balls that you pound into the top with a hammer that then come down the little ramps you see pictured and then out a hole at the end of the ramp. He doesn't quite do the pounding with the hammer yet, but prefers to put the balls on the ramp himself underneath the work bench table. He also likes to put the balls in Mommy and Daddy's hands or mouths as well and then take them back.

The train has lots of blocks to stack and again Josiah doesn't really know how to arrange them yet, but prefers to destroy things we create and/or take the blocks and tap them together. He also takes the train part with the wheels and moves it across the floor saying, "Vroom" like he does with his cars. It is very cute!

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Carpenter for the fun new toys!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Visiting Uncle Brent

Normally I back date my entrieds to the day they happened, but since I am so behind on my posts, I am dating this for today so you all will actually will see it.

Josiah, my parents and I went up to Bothell to see my
brother Brent and take him out to lunch for his "belated" birthday party. He had just arrived home from his honeymoon cruise on his real birthday and so we delayed until July 8th to celebrate instead.

Brent and his new wife Katie live in the same apartment complex where David and I started out, and so it was fun to go back to the old stomping grounds to see him. Katie was working that day, but we got to visit with her briefly when she came home later in the afternoon.

After we took Brent to Claim Jumpers, we went walking behind his plac
e where there was a creek. Josiah had never been near running water and I put his little tootsies in there to introduce him to it. He quickly realized there were LOTS of rocks and wanted immediately to get down and pick them up. All rocks MUST be tasted to be sure they are rocks don't you know! He ended up sitting down in the water and got quite dirty, so I took off his shorts and then he proceeded to sit down in just a diaper. It was pretty funny to watch him. He was really enjoying himself though.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the visit too of course and Josiah even gave a cheesy picture smile for this photo below.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Meet Our New Dog "Echo"!!

Today we got a new dog...Echo! She is a Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Black Lab mix. We have more to say about this, but for now I must go...very LONG day today! I have lots of pictures of recent events to share though and I hope to blog them very soon, so check back in the next couple of days to see all the new stuff. We are loving our new house and I am soon to take pictures of that as well to show you all. Blessings to you!