Friday, July 14, 2006

Gifts from Grandparents Carpenter

Today Josiah got a new couple of toys from the Carpenter grandparents. They got him these two wooden toys that he loves: a work bench and a train. The work bench has these balls that you pound into the top with a hammer that then come down the little ramps you see pictured and then out a hole at the end of the ramp. He doesn't quite do the pounding with the hammer yet, but prefers to put the balls on the ramp himself underneath the work bench table. He also likes to put the balls in Mommy and Daddy's hands or mouths as well and then take them back.

The train has lots of blocks to stack and again Josiah doesn't really know how to arrange them yet, but prefers to destroy things we create and/or take the blocks and tap them together. He also takes the train part with the wheels and moves it across the floor saying, "Vroom" like he does with his cars. It is very cute!

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Carpenter for the fun new toys!

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