Friday, July 28, 2006

Getting to Know Echo

Josiah has this new thing where he buries himself in Echo's fur and just lays there. I think that he likes to hear her growl/bark when he puts too much weight on her, as he laughs when she makes sounds. I am so thankful that she doesn't bite him or hurt him in anyway despite Josiah's sometimes rough and tumble methods of playing with her. I have been teaching him how to be gentle and pet her nicely and he is learning slowly but surely. He tends to want to grab her mouth and/or poke at her eyes though, which isn't good and again luckily Echo is a very mellow doggie and just takes it all.

She has a new "warning bar
k" to let him know when he is getting close to stepping on her leg or something. She will now either do that or get up and move quickly when he comes her way. It is very cute to see them together though!

Josiah imitates Daddy by throwing Echo's ball or chew toy (about a foot in front of him) and she goes and fetches it for him. Then he proceeds to pry the ball out of her mouth and throw it again. Sometimes she won't let go and Josiah lets out a cry of frustration until she does. When they are playing this game outside sometimes Echo will get really excited and come snatch the ball out of Josiah's hand and that isn't very popular with him at all. He wants to throw it for her!

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