Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Visiting Uncle Brent

Normally I back date my entrieds to the day they happened, but since I am so behind on my posts, I am dating this for today so you all will actually will see it.

Josiah, my parents and I went up to Bothell to see my
brother Brent and take him out to lunch for his "belated" birthday party. He had just arrived home from his honeymoon cruise on his real birthday and so we delayed until July 8th to celebrate instead.

Brent and his new wife Katie live in the same apartment complex where David and I started out, and so it was fun to go back to the old stomping grounds to see him. Katie was working that day, but we got to visit with her briefly when she came home later in the afternoon.

After we took Brent to Claim Jumpers, we went walking behind his plac
e where there was a creek. Josiah had never been near running water and I put his little tootsies in there to introduce him to it. He quickly realized there were LOTS of rocks and wanted immediately to get down and pick them up. All rocks MUST be tasted to be sure they are rocks don't you know! He ended up sitting down in the water and got quite dirty, so I took off his shorts and then he proceeded to sit down in just a diaper. It was pretty funny to watch him. He was really enjoying himself though.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the visit too of course and Josiah even gave a cheesy picture smile for this photo below.


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