Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer Time Fun

Our friends Kim, Chris & Colton gave Josiah this pool for his birthday and today was the first day we tried it out. I could tell that at first he was pretty cold, but since it was warm outside he seemed to get used to it after a while. I brought all his bath toys outside for play in the pool. Here is he is holding up a letter trying to make it out.

I figured he was done with the pool when he started tossing his letters and toys off the side of the pool as that is what he does with his food when he is done eating. However, then later after he walked around a little, he leaned over the side of the pool trying to grab things, so I let him play a little bit more.

I dosed him in sunscreen beforehand, but he still got a little pink on his face afterward. And of course I forgot to put any on myself and ended up with some burnt shoulders! If it were up to Mr. Josiah, we would be outside all day long, but I try to limit him from getting that much exposure to the sun. I plan to take him on some outings to the park and the mall in coming days to get him out and about.


Jimmy/Candace said...

WOW he is getting so big. My wife is just loving reading this. She is now 14 weeks along. She is ready to start adding to our blog. Tell David I lost his email address. Mine is hope everything is going great with the new job. can't wait to see pics of the new house

Anonymous said...

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