Thursday, August 09, 2007

4th Anniversary Festivities

David and I recently celebrated our 4th anniversary on Aug. 9th. We actually went out on the Saturday following the date as that was more convenient for our schedules as well as getting my Mom and Dad to come and watch the Pumpkinhead.

David surprised me the day before our anniversary with the lovely roses that you see pictured here. They were delivered to our door by a florist.

To celebrate together, we went to see a movie (complete with popcorn for me, candy for David, and pop for us both) and then went out to a nice place for dinner. We saw the movie Ratatouille, which was all about a rat that cooks gourmet food and then had some delicious gourmet Italian food at this place near Sumner called "Mama Stortini's," which we now highly recommend if you live in the area. I was rejoicing that I could actually eat my dinner in peace without confining Josiah to his seat and praying that the "french fries" would come quickly so he would settle down! It was nice to leisurely enjoy dinner and reminisce with my sweet husband about old times and also to talk about some things together that had been on our minds of late.

I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband who incidentally has been a great support to me recently through some of the difficulties of this pregnancy. He is quick to jump in and help me when I need it and looks out for me so that I don't do too much. I am very appreciative that he cares so much and shows it in such a practical and loving manner. I love you honey!!

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