Thursday, July 19, 2007


I finally went to my first pregnancy appointment this past Tuesday and found out the exciting news that we are having TWINS!!! I originally was not scheduled to get an ultrasound, but managed to convince my doctor that perhaps it was wise since I wasn't entirely sure how far along I was. So to firm up the dates, she said I should get one that day and the ultrasound technician was free to do it. The first image I saw on the screen I saw the two sacs and said, "Am I having twins?" to which she replied, "You certainly are...look at that!" In the picture on the left you can see a bit of the other baby too (no there aren't 3--I promise!). Baby "A" as marked looks like an alien since he/she is facing us, so for now that is "Alien Baby" and the one on the right is laying on his/her back and looks more like a lima bean, so he/she for now is "Lima Bean."

Incidentally, twins do run in our family. David's Dad is an identical twin and my Grandpa on my Dad's side is a fraternal twin. The ultrasound technician said that she can't tell right away if they are fraternal or identical, but that will be more apparent at the next ultrasound, which will be on September 18th. And by the way, my understanding is that identical twins can be in two separate sacs, so the fact that they aren't in one isn't a give away. It is of course more rare to have identical twins, so we will see.

We are elated at this news! So very exciting! Please pray for me though as I found out that I need to be eating/drinking a LOT more than I am now and it seems ridiculous the amount, (about 4,000 cals a day, 150g of protein, and 16 8-oz glasses of water) but I am going to try. I have been rather fatigued and have had some syatic nerve problems on my right side that have been debilitating at times, so I hope to get over that soon as well. Love to you all! Pray that I can carry them at least 36 weeks as well so they won't be preemies! My official due date is Feb. 4th, but 36 weeks is around January 8th (a couple days after David's birthday....what a nice b-day gift for Daddy!)


Lynne' said...

Youssef and I are expecting too, though probably not twins. I think it would be nice having two for one ;) and I've heard that by the time twins are about six months they start entertaining each other and are actually less work as they grow! :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO Happy for ya'll! You will definately be in my prayers!!! ~ Stacy

Anonymous said...

Why am I laughing? Okay, I guess it's because I'm happy for you guys. Lucky Josiah! So many playmates in one fell swoop. Robin says, "That's already most of the kids they wanted to have. What happens if the next time it's triplets?" And then I was laughing again.......The world needs as many little Carpenters as possible! Larraine

Anonymous said...

Twins!!! I am SO excited for you! This is the best news! My mom always wanted twins, she will be jealous :) you're in my prayers, I hope there won't be any difficulties! Much love from Elizabeth