Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fun Visit From a Friend

My friend Mara came over this last Thursday and Friday and brought a birthday gift for Josiah. I didn't think he would play with the sunglasses, but he loved them! In fact, the first day he had them he managed to break them by pulling them apart. She also got him some Nemo stuff as pictured here. He has a Nemo plate, spoon, and fork as well.

Mara and I went to JoAnn's Fabric Store and picked up some material to cover our french doors and window in the kitchen/dining room area. It has been super hot lately and our house becomes like a sun room (almost 10 degrees hotter than outside it seems). The home decor fabric was on sale and we found some black out remnant fabric that we could use to make the windows really dark. As it turned out, my Mom offered to make them as she has lots of free time now that school is out. That worked out well because it is super hard to sew and work on projects with Josiah up and about! She got them done in one day and she will bring them over tomorrow to finish the final hem and such. I am excited! I will take a picture when they are all done and in their places.

Mara is a sucker for little boy in overalls and so she also bought him this cute little outfit as well. They are a little long, but nothing some rolling up of the pants won't fix. Thanks for the gifts Mara! It was great to have you over for a visit!

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Anonymous said...

He looks so TALL in the bottom picture! Or maybe it's just the overalls :) miss you both! ~Miss Elizabeth