Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer Time Fun

Today, I broke out the swimming pool for Josiah since it has been so hot. I got this cute little swim set for him at Walmart for half off, so that was a plus too! His first exposure to the water was when he went down the slide into the water. He was rather shocked and very quickly got out of the pool! I then brought a couple buckets of hot water to balance out the cold for him, which helped a bit. The cold water didn't stop him though as he had a blast going down the slide and playing the the water for some time afterward. In fact, I brought him inside thinking he was done for the day and got him dressed in dry clothes (including his sandals) and he proceeded to head back into the pool and got all soaked again. Oh well...such is life with a two year old right? He was having a great time, so I just went with it!

As you can see, his shirt says "Whale of a good time" which is certainly what he had today! He was definitely much more interested in the pool this year than last year and it was nice to sit out there in the sun and watch him play.

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