Saturday, January 21, 2006

Our Baby Einstein

Mommy has had this wonderful trick for curing nearing any Baby J fussy episode (other than feeding a hunger pain of course). The cure is to start showing one of his Baby Einstein DVD's and he immediately gets a smile and sits and watches it very intently. His first favorite part comes when this cute little rainbow colored caterpiller (that his cousin Anna Grace calls "Charlie") comes on the screen with the introductory title for each DVD.

His ultimate favorite of the DVD's thus far though is the Christmas one. On the Christmas DVD there
is a scene where this reindeer puppet is decorating a gingerbread man cookie. First, he puts red frosting on it, then leaves the screen and comes back with red frosting on his face. Then he shakes green sprinkles
from a cannister on the cookie. Then finally, he pops up quickly (which makes Josiah jump) and there is this "poof" sound and the puppet spits a bunch of powdered sugar all over the cookie. Upon first seeing this portion of this DVD, he started to belly laugh and every time afterward he would laugh when the puppet first came on the screen and would rock back and forth in delight in his saucer.

You can see in these photos that he is "not to be bothered" when his show is on!! And that little rosy cheek on his left side I think came from "doing the wheelbarrow" as I call it. He has been getting his feet underneath him and since he won't do a mini-push up at the same time, he ends up scooting forward with his face on the ground. Hence, why I have the blanket on the floor to minimize the rug burns. His current favorite way to move is rolling from one end of the room to the other with the occassional wheelbarrow scoot to get at what he wants.

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