Sunday, February 18, 2007

Playground & Party Fun

Today, we all went as a family to a birthday party for Tyler, the son of David's friend Kim from work. He turned one today and before the party we played on the playground (since we got there a little early). The party was at a community center that was next to an elementary school, so it was convenient for us to let him play there beforehand. Josiah wasted no time in climbing, sliding, and playing with the steering wheels on the big toy. He discovered it was fun to hold onto the bar and then drop onto the slide. I call this his "hang time" moment!

He really enjoyed exploring this playground and of course did not fail to pick up all the balls that people left around and attempted to throw them, while Mommy went around getting the balls and putting them back where they belonged.
We even got him to go down the big boy twisty slide a few times. He climbed up all by himself (though I was close by in case of an accident) and he went down all by himself as well. He has been very hesitant to go down the bigger slides I have found. I call him my careful boy because it takes him a while to warm up to things. This is of course good though because in a new environment he doesn't take a lot of risks and, therefore, rarely gets hurt (minus a few little bruises or bonks here and there).

We finally went to the party and Josiah was fit to be tied to stay in the room now that he knew that there was prime climbing and sliding equipment nearby. We enticed him briefly with some things from the grab bag he got, some markers to color the table with, and of course some cake, but most of the party Mommy spent with him outside on the playground! David stayed inside and mingled with many of his co-workers. As you can see, we tried to put a party hat on Josiah, but he was none to happy about it! Once we took the hat off he was fine though. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a picture of Tyler (the b-day boy) and Josiah together, but I gave Kim our number so that we could plan a play date for the two of them sometime.


Jimmy/Candace said...

Wow he is getting so big so quick. Doesn't seem no time ago David sent me the link to the site and he was so small. I can't wait until Bryce is big enough to go to the playgrounds. He's 6 weeks old now and already up to 11 lbs, so he's getting big : ) Tell David I said hi and to keep in tough

Elizabeth said...

He is getting so big! but Mr. Square-lip still doesn't like hats! =)