Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Digger on our Doorstep

It has been a while since I have posted because poor little Josiah has been sick. It has been a very long week for me tooas I have been caring for him, but thankfully now he is back to his usual self! On this day, the city workers were out fixing a water line that is in the middle of our house and the neighbors house. Because of this, we had a nice clear view of a digger doing some work to get to the water lines. Josiah was just thrilled and even though he still wasn't fully well today, I thought I would bring him outside for a bit to examine the truck (with the worker's permission of course). He couldn't get enough of looking at the wheels and the various parts of the truck. He wanted to get up in the cab, but I thought it best not to let him do that since they were working and I didn't want him to press something wrong by accident. This was definitely the highlight for the week for little Pumpkinhead as he had been couped up for the past week!
Josiah is trying to count now! Today the letter of the day on Sesame Street was "P" and the number was "2" and everytime the "2" came up he would say, "Two" before the people did on the TV. He also recognized the "P" as well. He is getting quite good with repeating letters now and even says, "Q" which I find kind of odd! He doesn't get the letters in the middle of the alphabet all that well yet (perhaps because the alphabet song mushes them all together) but he does try to say "L" on occasion and tries to do it with his tongue out of his mouth. It is pretty cute! He is a very smart little boy and understands a great deal now. I asked him to take two cars with us to the grocery store and he went and picked out two of his cars.

He is certainly growing up fast and I am cherishing these precious moments when little Josiah loves his Mommy so much and can't be without me. I know someday he will want to cut the apron strings, but for now he is a Momma's boy!


Larraine said...

Poor baby looks like he lost a little weight while he was sick. Take care - All three of you!

Elizabeth said...

He must have been SO excited! =)
glad to hear that he is better!

Anonymous said...

Guess what??? we might come see you over spring break and i am soooo excited!!! I miss you guys sooooo much!!! see ya then!!!