Friday, April 06, 2007

Sick, Sick and More Sick

Hello All! Sorry for being delinquent at my post as blogger of the family! It has been a very trying few weeks since my sinus surgery on the 13th of March. The surgery went well (to all who hadn't heard). They corrected my deviated septum (crooked nose passageway) and essentially cleared out all the gunk. Apparently, I had a chronic sinus infection that wouldn't go away. The surgery helped to get rid of the residing gunk as well as make the passages more able to receive blood flow, which will in turn (hopefully) make it so that it will be possible to get over sinus infections in the future by more manageable means (taking antibiotics, etc.). We will see if that holds true though because currently I have yet another sinus infection! The doctor told me not to be discouraged though, that this does happen and (see above) I should have a different result now that I have improved piping.

Incidentally, this picture of Josiah represents how he and I both feel around here...wishing we lived in a bubble away from all the germs! Josiah has had it pretty bad too, this is hands down the worst illness he has had thus far. He got a fever almost every night and sometimes during the day and was coughing a lot, and got this thing where his eyes produce mucus that made his lashes stick together (espcially in the morning) to the point where he couldn't open his eyes. He has an eye drop for that though now, which he really hates. And as a side note, he passed that lovely one on to me too, oh yeah!

This picture below is of Josiah with what I call his "three precious possessions" for that moment. His drink, an empty Diet Pepsi can (with the flippy lid removed for you concerned Moms out there) and his half eaten apple. I put these up after we had pizza at the big table together and he was very disconcerted and cried until he got all three things back. Hence, the tears in his eyes in the picture. You can probably see too that his nose is pretty raw from all the drippy nose stuffage. Oh and by the way, we DID take him to the doctor last Sunday. Guess what they said? I got the 98% of colds are viruses speech. Have you heard that one before? Well, then at my doctor I was given the antibiotics because of my previous condition and because of the surgery. I said, "Wouldn't it make sense that my son ALSO has a bacterial infection if indeed I do?" He said that only if he gets a high fever again should I worry. We will see how he does in the next few days though if I need to trek him back in to the doctor. I just don't understand how they can magically tell you if you have bacterial or viral when they all seem examine you in the same way? Have any of you figured this one out? Maybe I should go to medical school myself! In my retirement years perhaps....ha ha ha!
And for those who were wondering, David did get sick initially, but got over it a little quicker than Josiah and I. I am thankful for that as he really is needed at work. Please pray though that the month of April will bode health for our family. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

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Anonymous said...

In this pic i think he looks exactly like his dad and that is not good because that means he is growing up!!!! hehe. well im glad you guys are recooperating and getting better!!! ttyl.