Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Family Dinner

Josiah has recently taken to wanting to eat dinner with the big people rather than sit in his highchair. This has been fun because he models us as we eat and even when we pray beforehand. Just last night, we were reading a book that had little goodnight prayers in it and without seeing a picture or being prompted, he folded his hands and closed his eyes. It was so cute! Today, when I said a quick prayer before our spaghetti dinner, Josiah again had his hands folded. What a sweet little boy!

We have had quite a bout with sickness (as my previous post indicates), but I think we have finally turned the corner!
Now that both Josiah and I are on antibiotics, there has been a noted difference. It turns out that I took Josiah BACK to the doctor last Saturday and he had developed an ear infection. We are thankful that the doctor caught this and we could get him on some medicine. Of course, he HATES the medicine we give and so I hide it in his yogurt in the mornings and pudding in the evenings. This works great because he loves to eat both and always eats the entire container!

Today, I even got back into the gym! It has been a LONG time since I had been there. The good news is that from all this sickness I lost some weight. Through the sinus stuff for a while there I lost most of my sense of smell. It is funny how not smelling the food makes it so you aren't as interested anymore. I can smell now, but I think my stomach has shrunk, as I tried to eat the same sized portion as I used to tonight and felt ultra full! My brother-in-law Jon came with me to the gym today and helped me start a new routine (he is a certified fitness trainer) and so now I am excited to turn a new page on both my health and my overall fitness. I have really worked to make our meals and foods here at the house better. We have gotten rid of most all the high sugar items and replaced them with better alternatives and it has been going great. Please pray that it will continue to go well as it has been a long term goal of mine to get us eating better and for me to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy.


Elizabeth said...

What a big boy he's becoming! Glad to hear you all are getting better!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy about Josiah growing up so fast and how your sinuses are clearing up fast!!! Congratulations!!! I hope to see you later in the summer!!!