Monday, April 30, 2007

Early 2nd Birthday Card

So for those of you who watch the TV channel called "Sprout" you will know why I made a card like this. However, most of you probably have no clue, so I will fill you in.

On the Sprout station (TV channel for toddlers) they have various little kids shows that run 24 hours for those of us who need a babysitter in a pinch to do household chores or whatnot. They have a show on it called "The Birthday Show" where this guy named Kevin reads cards that Mommy's and Daddy's send in for their little Pumpkinheads.

I had this vision for a card for Josiah a while back and when I discovered that the deadline for June birthdays was April 30th I whipped out a card the day before to send in time. They may or may not pick his card, but I think they should because it is awfully cute!

Josiah really used to love the Teletubbies, but only for the little baby that was in the sunshine, hence the front cover. He now absolutely LOVES Thomas the Train and every time even when they introduce Thomas is next on the show he breathes in and gets a big smile on his face in anticipation.

The picture of him on the front of the card is when he got spaghetti sauce all over his face (I thought an appropriate color for a "son"shine) and the picture inside the card is a very recent shot of him (just last Friday) at Billy McKale's restaurant in the little riding train toy they have there.


Elizabeth said...

What an adorable card! They simply must pick it! :)
That's funny about the teletubbies, all of my younger siblings only watched it for the baby-sun too!

Sharel said...

That's a cute card.:) He looks so happy in that picture/from sharel