Thursday, April 26, 2007

Josiah Bed #2

Josiah and Mommy have a new ritual where before he takes his nap or goes down for the evening, we sit in the rocking chair together for a bit. For nap time this means, I usually rock back and forth and read him a story until he drifts off. At night, we sit in the dark and I rock him and sing two songs: "Baby Mine" (from the movie Dumbo) and "Stay Awake" (from the movie Mary Poppins). Then after the songs I say, "Let's pray" and Josiah folds his hands with me while we pray for him and our family together. It is a very sweet time! Sometimes when he wakes up prematurely from his nap or at nighttime, he makes his way back over to the rocking chair and sleeps there. I think he feels safer there or something since it is where he and Mommy sit together.

He has been saying some new words lately, but we find that he really doesn't like to be coaxed to say things. His usual communication is a varying supply of "What's THAT?" in all sorts of volumes, tones of voice, and intensities. Ever so often I can say, "What's that?" back to him and he will tell me what it is. This only seems to work when the object being discussed is a car however. Many times he just starts saying a certain word seemingly out of the blue and most often he pronounces the word very precisely when he does say it. Some of the new additions are: book (with a very pronounced "K"), kite, dog, uh-oh, and juice (on occasion with this one). He likes to pronounce most all his letters as well and the latest he broke out with the other night in the bathtub was the letter "X" of all things. He also says a mighty fine "Q" and "S" of late as well.

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Look at his sleepy eyes.