Monday, May 15, 2006

Pool Time

Today it was VERY hot!! Into the 80's actually and it is only May! We all hope this is not a warning that July will be in the 100's the whole month or something! However, the fun part about warm weather is that the boys could try out Colton's new pool!

Josiah was a little hesitant at first mainly I think because he was a little cold, but as he got to playing with the balls and things he seemed to enjoy himself more. Colton spent no more than 5 minutes in the pool and then decided it was time to do something else. We had to trick him to stay in there for a while so that Kim could get some video footage of this event.

It is fun to watch these two play together. They usually steal each other's toys and/or tackle each other or push each other aside to get each other's toys. It is pretty cute, but later we
will teach them to share when they are able to get it!

This photo to the left was my favorite of the bunch of Josiah. I call it "Water Babe." update! Today, Josiah was pulling the drawer by my desk in and out and managed to learn (after pinching his fingers yesterday and earlier today) how to close the drawers without pinching his fingers. He was so enthralled with working on this skill that at one point (with both David and I watching) he took 3 non-assisted steps forward to push the drawer shut. Yeah for first steps, however tenuous!

By the way...check out the blog entry on May 7th about Bloomsday if you haven't already. I had to post it before other posts even though it was new because of the date of Bloomsday.

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