Thursday, May 18, 2006

Having Fun with Tigger

Yesterday, Josiah became interested in the big stuffed Tigger. Tigger has a feature where you can press his belly and he will say things to you like, "That's Tiggerific," or "You just made my heart bounce." Anyway, Josiah got a big smile and a giggle when he heard Tigger talk.

Today I had them pose in a hug much to Josiah's delight. Josiah seems to be getting a cold, so you can all pray that it won't turn into something more serious. He was overly cranky today for no apparent reason except for the fact that his nose is dripping like a faucet and he is sneezing a whole lot. If you want to see more pictures of Josiah and Tigger, check out the album in snapfish called "Josiah--9 months and beyond." If you don't have access to that one yet, let me know and I will send you an invite for that one.

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