Saturday, May 20, 2006

Josiah Attends Mercedes Birthday Party

Josiah attended another birthday party today for a little girl named Mercedes. Tricia (her mom) is a friend of Kim's and I was introduced to them briefly at this Baby Fair a while back and then again on Bloomsday. We also saw them at Colton's birthday party (of which we have lots of pictures for those who would like to see them). When we saw them there, Tricia invited us to Mercedes big day as well, which was very nice of her!

Josiah and I had a good time at the party. He took to crawling around exploring the house right away and managed to knock over an item off a shelf, which I thought had broken, but instead had just spilled some contents on the floor. We were at Tricia's Mom's house which she admittingly told us, "was not baby proof," as Josiah aforementioned proved. However, she did have baby toys and Josiah managed to find those straight away as well as grabbed a hold of the balloons tied to the coffee table as well.

Mercedes was very cute and as Josiah was crawling all over the place, she many times followed him around (though she walks rather than crawls) to see what he was up to. There were two other babies there as well; Josiah's buddy Colton and his new friend Garrett.

Josiah was in love with the balloons and would let out an emphatic, "AHHHHHHH" to tell us. Colton would chime back with an "AHHHHH" as well and it was clear they were communicating with each other on some level. Josiah, Mercedes and Colton were eating crackers and would try to steal them from one another unless a new one was given in time. Mercedes loved her talking Elmo doll the best and gave a delighted squeal when he sang and danced around. She also enjoyed her toy that was a magnet for the fridge that made all sorts of sound
s and played songs.

Mercedes wore a cute little hat that said, "I'm ONE!" and Colton decided (picture on the right) that he would take that for himself...because you know, he is ONE too! Mercedes really liked the candle on her cake and rather than blowing it out she tried to grab it. She wasn't too happy that she couldn't have it until it was blown out, but then proceeded to suck on the opposite end of the candle. She really liked the frosting on the cake as well, but left the cake on her tray.

Overall it was a fun time and I was glad we went. It was really nice of Tricia's mom to host the party (after she just had surgery and was recovering) and Tricia made a YUMMY potato salad as well as provided some BBQ'd meat and chips for dinner. Thank you Tricia and family!

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