Monday, February 13, 2006

Sick Little Pumpkin

Little Josiah came down with a cold on Friday night and this morning I could hear him wheezing even when standing away from him, so I decided to call the nurse and see if we should go in or not. She said to come and and sure enough the doctor said he could hear some wheezing in his chest. He has put him on a breathing treatment regimen to help him breathe easier. I have to treat him every 4 hours when he is awake. Each treatment is 8-10 minutes long and he has to sit still and breathe in the medicine through this mouthpiece (kind of like humidifier consistency). Apparently, some children with this condition eventually develop asthma, but the doctor said that doing this could help, so that he may not develop it. By the way..this picture to the right is a great shot of his 2 lower teeth, you can click on it to enlarge. :)

A high point of the day was when we got the Valentine's Day cards from Grandma and Grandpa Walker. Josiah did his usual tests with the card: the wrist test (to see if it has a nice shake to it), the taste test (as demonstrated in the picture) and the banging test (to see if hitting it against something else makes a nice sound). He truly does those three things with every new object we give him. It is pretty funny.

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