Saturday, March 04, 2006

Knitting & Reading: Josiah's New Hobbies

So as many of you may know I taught myself to knit two Christmases ago and now I have been doing it quite often. I was using this blue yarn to try out a new knitting pattern since the yarn I wanted to use was too difficult to use at first (since I couldn't see the stitches in the fancy, floofy yarn I bought). Josiah decided this yarn/knitting deal was for him and came over to "help" me untangle the yarn.

We have also started reading some more books now that Josiah will sit still for some of them. However, if there are too many words than Mr. Josiah is ready to
wriggle out of my arms to find something better to do. His favorite books are the type with things for him to flip open or the kind that have the buttons that you push throughout the story that play a sound that goes with the story. My mom saved all my books from when I was little and so we have those plus some others that we have acquired various ways. Josiah likes to open and close the book and when he does it we will say, "open...close" repeat ad nauseum as he opens and closes the book. He gets a big kick out of us doing it I think and opens and closes the pages faster and faster to hear us say it. This especially works well with those board books with the big pages that he can grab onto easily without ripping.

Also a wonderful answer to prayer to mention. I was once again looking at our closet thinking, "Hmmm...we don't have very many clothes in the 12 month size and he will need them soon." No sooner did I say it did we receive a package from one of David's long time friends and former boss, Larraine, sent us a bunch of clothes that her daughter Robin had for her little boy. And guess what? Most all the clothes were either 12 month or 18 month sizes! God truly does provide for us so nicely! Not to mention the next day David's mom had sent us yet more clothes and some socks and shoes that he desparately needed! A big thanks goes out to those folks as well as a thank you to the ultimate Provider, our Lord!

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