Saturday, March 04, 2006

Josiah Has a New Buddy

David goes to Awana every Wednesday to work with some of the kids at our church and he met another guy that helps out there named Chris. Chris and his wife Kim called us on a whim today and we went for a walk with them and their son Colton. Colton is 10 months and he was a big hit with Josiah. Colton had a pacifier in his mouth and first thing Josiah made a grab for it. Even though he doesn't even LIKE had a dangly thing on it so he HAD to get it right away!

It was funny to watch them play. The minute Colton would find something, Josiah decided he wanted to play with it and vice versa. They were crawling all over each other trying to get at things they wanted. They also had a nice crawling head butt that I caught on camera as well.

It was nice to meet some new friends! They also go to our church so we will get to see them each Sunday and our little ones will see each other in the nursery.

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