Thursday, March 23, 2006

Baby Reading List

As Josiah has grown and I have been reading to him, I have found there are only a FEW books that he enjoys thus far. When I attempt to try new books I get a very disinterested baby on my hands! I am sure he will like the newer books eventually, but for now he likes familiarity.

Here is a picture of him with his favorite books. The list is as follows:
1) Elmo's Lift & Look Book: A nice book I got for a deal at a garage sale. He loves to rip the flaps off the pages and then proceeds to suck on them. One time I found him with the "oval" shape in his mouth.
Green Eggs & Ham--by Dr. Seuss: Usually he will tolerate this one all the way through unless I read it last. It has a lot of words, but I think he likes the meter and cadence of the words.
3) Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes: Where I will sing to him and he turns the big pages back and forth.
Choo, Choo--Dora the Explorer: Another board/sound book about a train that wins its whistle in a race. It has lots of buttons to push on the side with various sounds to go with the story.
5) Dr. Seuss' ABC Book: I can get to about the letter "S" or so until he starts to get bored, especially if I read it last. He likes the "M" page because it has a yellow sun like the one in his Elmo book. He tries to lift the flap, but of course there isn't one there.
6) Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb: He likes it when Mommy taps the book in rhythm to the words and sometimes he pounds on the book too.
Ernie & Bert Board Book: He likes to turn the pages and tries to push the buttons that make sounds like-- "Goodnight Bert," Bert snoring, and an alarm clock.
8) Baby's Book--Ready for Fun: This one has one picture and one word on each page. His favorite pages are the telephone (brrring, brrring) and the car (rrrrrr, rrrrrrr, rrrrr).

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