Saturday, March 18, 2006

Checking for Change

Chris and Kim came over today with their son Colton to play some board games with us and the Daddy's decided to "check for change" as they call it! We had a nice time fellowshipping with them and Josiah is getting to know his new buddy better.

It is still so funny to me that Josiah tries to steal whatever toy Colton is playing with and also they imitate each other. Colton began banging his hands on the sliding glass door and Josiah promptly followed suit and came over to do the same.
It is also pretty humorous that Josiah normally could care less about his own pacifiers, but insists on taking Colton's pacifier and played with it for quite some time; chewing, sucking, and looking at it.

Josiah and Colton managed to play a duet on the little Mega Blocks piano as well. It was pretty cute to see them playing together! We are looking forward to seeing them as they grow and become best buddies!

Another update for Josiah is that he is really getting good at standing up and sitting down now. He can scale across objects (like the couch) a little bit, but mainly he just likes to pull himself up, bang on the surface where he pulled up to, and then proceed to sit back down by sticking his bottom way out and falling kerplop on the floor. Sometimes he reaches for things and lands headlong on the object, hence he is gaining some more boy badges (bruises) on his head and such. It is fun to watch him figure everything out!

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