Saturday, April 09, 2005

Mara comes to make diaper covers

My good friend Mara came today to help me make diaper covers for little Josiah. I had decided to do cloth diapers and Mara found all the materials to make the covers. I had some other covers that were given to me and so we tried to make a cover that combined the best features of all the diaper covers into one design. We then made two different sizes (newborn and medium) as those were the sizes I had the least of at the time. The covers have 3 layers (outer cotton print, inner waterproof, and fleece against babies skin) and between the fleece and waterproof layer there is a pocket to insert a diaper. This way you can either have the fleece against babies skin or you can put the cloth diaper on top of the fleece to minimize the wetness to the cover.


Blogdreamz said...

What a cute idea. Although, I don't have a baby any longer. All grown up.

kristenL said...

Have you used your diaper covers yet?
I would be very curious about the specific details of making them. I am due in December and am trying to commit to the idea of cloth diapers. Making the covers myself could surely help me out.
pls email me at if you want to share your pattern and the type of materials you used.
I really appreciate it.

kristenL said...

oops I guess you haven't used them as you are still pregnant too!